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Monday, October 25, 2021

It's My Birthday!

LAZ:  I'm 4! TBT says I am in the prime age of my life.  So I deserve ta have a PAWTY.  

I don't care much fer toys or games, I'm meowing about FOOD!  I asked TBT about MEAT and OUTSIDE and he obliged.  Because I love both so much...

Easy Oven-Roasted Beef Brisket Recipe

Turkey in a roasting tray - Free Stock Image

(No spices)

Perfectly Cooked Lobster Meat | Get Maine Lobster

(TBT wll smash the shells away)

And more shrimps!

And we have Nip and treats all over the house.  But they are hidden, so ya have ta find them.  It is part of the fun...

And OF COURSE we have games.  But MY games...  (well, I'm new at this)  We will paw into the puzzle box fer treats and whap the egg thing where Nip falls out iffen ya hit it hard.  And we will run around hard.  

Wand toys for those who love them (I just like ta chew on the strings)

TBT says I "hurl myself through life".  I don't quite understand that as I almost never toss up what I eat. But I do crash around a lot and even bounce off his legs when he walks along the hallway.  Well, what can I say?  He just gets in the way of me sometimes.

So come ta the pawty.  It is sure going to be a wild time.  There are many ways ta arrive.  The long tunnel is set up, the TV is on but set to  no channel, the dryer door is opoen for those who prefer that, and TBT is watching the deck door  (between keeping the litter boxes clean and spreading bowls of food around) for anyone who misses the inside by a few paws...

At daylight, those who feel OK outside are welcome ta join Marley and I outside.  The fence is high and safe.  We have mousies all over the place.  But yer welcome ta stay inside too.  Ayla will be hostess inside.