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Saturday, October 30, 2021

We Are Back

TBT:   I had to take a few days off because I was feeling unimaginative, didn't have pictures, needed to get some house and yardwork done, but MOSTLY I was getting all warped up about IF and WHEN 'New Kitty' was finally going to arrive.  I even stopped visiting favorite discussion forums.

I spoke to the breeder (who has had a difficult year herself) yesterday.  It seems we have a firm delivery date Sunday Oct 31st.  Aside from the fact that it has been over a year since I first asked about adopting a female Tonkinese kitten with colors "generally" like Iza's (there was a waiting list and some discussion of my qualifications as a "Cat-Daddy"), there were some breeding problems.  

One Queen miscarried, there was a failed mating (I think), another litter was all Burmese chocolate colored.  I was tempted by the Burmese color Tonkie kitten.  It would be an interesting color, but I wasn't sure the "Iza" personality would be there.

The Gotcha Date is (as Spock might say" "fascinating".  I got Skeeter as a kitten on Halloween Day 1992 and LC the same date in 1993.  It wasn't deliberate and neither is this new arrival the same date.  Sometimes things "just happen".

I should explain why I sought a kitten who would look and maybe act like Iza.  I have gone beyond the idea of a "single" heart-cat .  Skeeter was for sure and I will never forget him.  LC became one, after she missed Skeeter and turned to me for comfort after.  It was only a year, but time doesn't define love.

The truth is that all mine are Heart-Cats in their own ways.  If one leaves a hole in my heart, another heals it.

When Skeeter and LC went Over The Bridge, Ayla healed me.  She had a hard start, needing 3 spay operations before things got right (the first two by the breeders vet). Many were the nights we struggled with her in heat while she set her claws in me "needing" something she did not understand.  When my OWN vet finally fixed her she became a lovey heart cat.  She seeks my attention.  She is aging. She went from "crazy" to "loving.  She is nearing 15 and when she crosses The Bridge, she will become a heart cat as an equal to Skeeter and LC...

Marley is going to be a legitimate Heart Cat someday.  He is special.  The friendliest cat I have ever had.  He puts up with anything and eats whatever I offer.  He loves to sleep under the covers with me at night (but not pushing against me).

We will see about Laz.  He needed a LOT of comforting and socializing for nearly a year after he first arrived and I almost gave up a few times.  He is still healing from the bad first home, but getting better every month.  He is STILL kinda of nuts sometimes.  But he is only 4 and has time to develop into a Heart Cat.  He has some promising traits (he loves Under The Blankets pressed against me).  I sometimes wonder what he will be like at 10.   

I'm not saying every cat is a Heart Cat.  When I was younger, I had a couple who were just plain MEAN.  I've been luckier since the 80s.  

But to end, I am SO looking forward to the new female Tonkie kitten arriving Sunday.  Laz came from a harsh home.  Lorelei Lee will be from a happy positive home and I can give her love and attention that Laz was cheated of in his early years.

And I'll continue to give Laz, Ayla, and Marley all the attention they can take...  'Mark's Mews' will continue to be of Happy Cats...