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Monday, November 01, 2021

Lorelei Lee Pictures

TBT:   First, pictures!  Ann sent me 2 zip files of the pictures she took while here which I need to unzip and I have about 100 of my own to process.  That will take some time.  But she sent me some regular ones I can use immediately...

Official First Day Portrait:

And collage:

Second, a little about her so far:

While her full name is Lorelei Lee, her "everyday name" will be "Lori" (as Lapis Lazuli's everyday name is "Laz' - Ayla and Marley didn't need to be shortened). 

Lori will be staying in The Mews Room for several days while she gets used to the smells and sounds of her Forever Home.  The more she is accustomed to those, the better she will adjust to The Whole House. 

She has a litter box in one corner and the food and water bowls are as far away from that as possible.  I spend about 10 minutes each waking hour with her.  I don't want to overwhelm her with too much as she adjust.  There is a small cave-like hut (a carpeted cylinder on its side at the bottom)  and she seems to have adopted that as her resting spot.  There is a small cat mat that gets up to 83F nearby.

Lori is extremely human-oriented and affectionate when I spend time with her in the room (typical for a Tonkinese).  She crawls all over me, purring and nuzzling the whole time.  I have received MANY kitten-kisses!

She has shown me her tummy many times and stares at me frequently.  I constantly talk to her while sitting on the floor to give her full access to me.  She sniffs me a lot (interested in both mine and the other Mews' smells).

When I'm sitting, she stays on my lap or walks around me nearby, purring constantly.  If I hold her while standing up, she wants to drape on or grab my shoulder (and she has really sharp little needles for claws).  That may be a reaction to the height.  Iza was never fond of heights either.

I mentioned that she purrs constantly around me.  I got my first "meow" this morning.  She is not as talkative as a Siamese, but that may change.  She is accustomed to the higher pitch of the lady breeder; it may take her a while to adjust to a male voice.  But I'm accustomed to adjust my own pitch higher when talking to The Mews...

I brought her some toys first thing this morning.  I almost forgot about that.  Marley has never been interested in toys, Ayla used to carry plastic bottle rings around, and Laz only likes to chew the string off of wand toys.  

The breeder brought some plastic springs she said Lori likes.  I rummaged through the toy box and found a cloth ball and a rattley mouse (like Iza loved).  Lori went crazy over each of them in turn!  The first morning visit, she grabbed the springs and tossed/chased them around like crazy.  

I was worried that she was overstimulated in the new place and person, but maybe she was under-stimulated.  Even while in the basement, I could hear her running around a lot chasing her new toys...

The next visit, she loved the cloth ball, carrying it all around the room and pushing it into corners just so she could poke around and dig it back out.  The 3rd visit of the day, I offerred her the rattley mouse and she went crazy over THAT.  So she loves toys.  I don't want to compare her to Iza too often (and that will fade), but she seems to like the same kind of toys AND is very enthusiastic about them.

Apparently, she has eaten Fancy Feast Chicken For Kittens almost exclusively.  The breeder brought 4 cans.  I ordered more but they won't be delivered until Thursday.  I found a turkey version while shopping and bought 3 cans "just in case".   She also brought a small bag of "baby" dry kibble and a jar of freeze-dried chicken.

The chicken flavor obsession will have to be adjusted eventually.  The other Mews are mostly fishie-fanatics these days.  Her food will be adjusted very gradually (like getting your young children to eat new foods), but she will get her chicken flavors as long as it takes.  I was the short-order cook at a country club swimming pool once.  My youngest sister's family were vegan and visited a couple times.  I can adjust to varied demands...  LOL!

I took Lori (closely held) on a walking tour of the house for a bit of stimulation just before starting this post.  She was interested, but a bit grumbly and making an odd complaint sound.  Until she saw Marley!    Marley is probably the biggest cat she has ever seen.  She went completely quiet and just stared.

Marley, in turn, glanced up at her and didn't even react.  He's a REALLY laid-back cat, LOL!  It was like "Oh, another one?  OK".  Laz walked by (oblivious to Lori) until I did the "tongue-click" and he looked up.  But he didn't react negatively, and I consider that a VERY good sign of his continuing adjustment.

She hasn't seen Ayla yet...  THAT will be interesting.  Ayla is hissy and I don't know that Lori has ever been hissed at in her short life (living only with her Mom and a few littermates).

Lori wants to come out of The Mews Room.  She is lonely (though the toys help - I can hear her running around when I pass the door).  I will increase my time with her tomorrow.  Skeeter, LC, Ayla, Iza, Marley, and Laz were happy to be left alone to get used to the place for several days.  Lori is impatient.  She calls to me as I walk past.  But she is not ready to join the others safely.  I would LOVE to just let her out, but I HAVE to be certain the others accept her peacefully.  I am at home most of the time but I don't want to take any chances.  Lori is just too small to defend herself...

I will take her on more "carries" around the house tomorrow, sometimes with the other Mews inside and sometimes when they are out.  It's not like I'm going to just open the door to The Mews room Wensday and say "OK, deal with it".  A lot depends on how the adult cats accept a new one that I will have to deal with.

When I got Ayla, Skeeter and LC accepted her immediately.  When I got Iza, she was about 6 months and confident (and bigger than Ayla).  When Marley arrived, it was Ayla and Iza and they were kind of accepting a (medium-sized, very non-threatening) boycat around.

Laz was a problem (trauma, aggression, fear), but he tended to stay in The Mews Room on his own while I talked him into a sense of safety for nearly a month.

So this is the time of introduction to the others.  Tomorrow, I will bring Marley into the room to see how he reacts.  Then Ayla. Finally, Laz.  So many questions and so few certainties!