Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Lori Tuesday About Sunday And Then Monday

TBT:  First if you didn't see yesterday's late post, read it HERE.  Then comment there and read and comment here.  😁

This week is pretty much dedicated to pictures of Lori and her adjustment here.  But before I get into that, I want to thank Ann for being here for the event.  We met for a luncheon with a couple other cat-bloggers years ago and have stayed in touch by email since.  I wasn't sure if the breeder would suddenly decide I wasn't a good cat-daddy when she arrived, and Ann's presence calmed me.  I like to cook, and I slightly calmed myself (waiting for the breeder to arrive) by smoking a pork shoulder and a whole chicken on the deck.  And we had a GREAT 4 hour visit.  So some pictures of her on arrival and holding Lori later.  And we had a great lunch after.

Forgive the poor pictures.  I think I need a better camera.  Ann has a couple of really good ones.  Like hers are Teslas and mine are old Kias...  I better start using my smart phone camera, at least.  Ann has been providing the good banners I use.  To make another analogy, she is an artiste and I am 7th grade colored pencils.  Thank you Ann...


I spent 15 minutes time with Lori as soon as I got up.  She seems happy.  I tossed a spring across the carpet and she played with it before coming up on my lap.  So I thought it time she met Marley close up.  Marley hates being picked up (weight, joints?).  But I carried him into The Mews Room anyway.  He was, of course, completely relaxed about Lori.  They sniffed noses and butts.

Marley wasn't bothered by "a new cat" in the least.

THEY are going to get along great.

Lori eventually got a little concerned about The Giant Cat, but she didn't hiss or anything.

They got close a few times and Marley was "merely interested"...

THAT shows the difference in size!  

All was calm.  But Marley hates being in a room with a closed door, so I let him out after 10 minutes.  The good news is that (as I expected) Marley is not the least bit aggressive even to a kitten.  I will try Ayla later today.

I have been rubbing the fur of the adult Mews and then rubbing Lori, and vice versa.  Spread the household scent around, you know?