Monday, November 29, 2021

Thankful Tuesday

TBT:   I am thankful for many things, but very thankful for The Mews.

Ayla is a dear one.  Sadly, she is getting old.  And it didn't start easy for her.  It took 3 spay operations to get her "fixed" right, so our 1st year together was a lot of "heat" and claws.  But we got through it eventually.  We are now TBT&Princess.   She hisses a lot but not at me.  She wants to be an "only cat".  On my lap, she purrs.  If it was just her and me, she would be The One And Only and that would be "OK" with her...  Ayla loves ME!

Marley is a peaceful cat.  He is kind, and loving in his own way.  He loves The Lap (but at 16 pounds, he breaks my knees).  The day I first met him as a kitten, he just curled up on my lap.  4 pounds of love to 16 later.  My "Big Buddy".  He sleeps next to me at night, just out of contact.  On the covers or under...

Laz was a challenge.  Came from a bad home.   I spent months talking to him as he hid in The Mews Room.  And he attacked Ayla once a week.  I despaired of his socialization a couple times, but something "clicked" earlier this year and he (mostly) calmed down.  He was only here as a rescue, and what a rescue he has been...

Actually, he was a "Siamese-ish" cat to be here after Iza went over The Bridge so suddenly at 12.  I agreed to accept him unseen thinking he would be more like Ayla,  But he is really just a grey tabby with a buff bib.  And I love him to bits...  Marley is "Big Buddy"and Laz is "Little Buddy".  I've been lucky.   Good cats.  Even Laz has become a good friend who seeks my attention calmly.

And now there is Lori!  I once thought 2 cats was "right", and now I have 4!  I was worried that Laz would attack a kitten (seeking dominance).  I was sure wrong about THAT, and happily so!

Laz LOVES Lori.  Skeeter and LC formed a tight bond in the 90s and I thought that was "normal".  I was disabused of of that notion when Ayla and Iza hissed a squabbled.

But Laz and Lori are getting along GREAT!  As Rick said to Renault in 'Casablanca", "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship".  Skeeter and LC had a great relationship.  Laz and Lori might match it.

I see them in the bedcup often.  I probably don't deserve this "goodness of cats".  But I'll take it...

I was a lot more worried about Laz vs a kitten than most of you might realize.  It heals my heart greatly to see them getting along so well...

Edited to add:  Darn, I thought today was Tuesday!

Monday Girlcat

LORI - Hi again learning.   


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Caturday Saturday

AYLA -  Im happy up on the back of the chair.  I get to keep an eye on Laz and Lori, and they don't bother me up here. 

In fact, I get ta eat up here.
TBT follows me around carrying my bowl while I decide where ta eat each meal.  REALLY!  I choose differnt places very often!

Friday, November 26, 2021

Flashback Friday

Today we go back to 2014, because we dint GET a turkey this year!  TBT just couldnt bear the thought of the long lines at the grocery store this year.

So this is what we SHOULD have seen this year but dint...

On the other paw, we DID get canned Turkey With Gravy, Turkey And Giblets, Chicken In Cream Sauce, and Chicken With Liver.  Those were all pretty good.  And we got frequent treats!

But he better do better next year...


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Lori Womancat Wensday

 Hi, Lori here.  Learning ta paw type Bein.  Marley been helin...helpin lots.  No good yet much, TBT heps too.

Marley say I should start talkin mesesself  some.

I like eatin with Marley and Laz.  I still get me kitten fuds but it good to eat with them.  Familky feel...  Like with Mom an brofur in old home.

TBT take lot of new pics of us/me.

Laz says ta be careful about my bowl cuz Marley eats everything.
Not so with me.  He tried an I whapped him.  I LIKE my food an eat lot.
TBT helps too.
But Marley is OK fer now.
He dosnt eat MINE...
Well, it IS kitten food.  Maybe that isnt  what he likes.

I am lovin the good food here.  Most of it is creamy and the rest is fishie.  I dint have fishie befor, but I goobled it right up.  Diffrent but tasty.  New taste good.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Lori Tuesday

TBT:   Here are the last of the Lori's First Week pics.  The pic processing has been quite an educational adventure.  But here they are.

Again, hope there aren't too many duplicates...

Monday, November 22, 2021

Monday Lori

TBT:  Megan commented about Lori "She looks like she's going to be quite "chunky" - like Iza".  Indeed she probably will be.  Tonkinese seem to be a hybrid of Siamese and Burmese, and except for the light fur color (usually), tend to favor Burmese traits.  Burmese are larger, more physically "solid", and muscular compared to Siamese.

Ayla is small, lightweight @ 6.4 lbs, and an agile jumper.  I got a good deal on her BECAUSE she was the smallest of the litter and considered too small for breeding.  When I was young, my family had 2 Siamese females in succession and they were easily 9 pounds.  And I had a friend with a male Siamese and he was probably 12 pounds.  So Ayla is a bit at the small end of the Bell Curve for even "famously-slender" female Siamese.

I adore her small size and light weight!

But yeah, Lori isn't going to be like that.  She might be lighter and more agile than Iza; it will be a couple of years before I can be certain.  I suspect she will be better at jumping than Iza.  At about a foot from nose to tailtip and 3.4 lbs, she is preparing to jump to the top of the shoerack 4' above the frame (and from the solidity of the frame) of the waterbed

I watch her little rump twitching and her back legs alternating in practice sometimes.  But she knows she is not ready yet.  It is like watching a baby bird testing out its not-quite-ready wings.

I have some good newer pics now.  But I still have more pics of Lori's First Week to show today and tomorrow, so you will have to wait (bwa-ha-ha).  But here is the next-to-last batch of Lori First Week...

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Easy Like Lori Sunday

TBT:   I finally sorted and organized all of Lor'i First Week pics.  At least, I THINK I have!  I had them by name, by number, by date, in 2 special "Lori" folders and in regular "Cat" folders.  I copied them all into a single "LoriFirstWeek" folder then went searching through it for duplicates and deleting those (and some REALLY poor ones *I* took).

Then I printed a list of all the pics file names.  Which confused the computer because it kept trying to give me the actual pics.  I finally had to use screenshot and "selection" to isolate the file name list.  But the list was too long for the display screen, so now I have LoriFirstWeek (1 through 4) and copied each of THOSE to my Notes app and printed each separately.  

But I still didn't know which I had used, so I went to the blog starting at Day 1 and checked each used file name off 1 by 1.  THAT worked!

So I was left with about 3 dozen unused pics which I will show over the next few days just to make the record complete.  I hope there aren't many duplicates...