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Sunday, November 07, 2021

Easy Like Sunday

TBT:  There are so many wonderful pics Ann took that I think I have to show them in groups.  This is her "Little Top Cat" series...  Still on Day One pics...

For a first day in a new home. Lori was amazingly calm.

And she took right to me.
Ann kept having to remind me to "smile".  I have a rather "nuetral" face, so I appreciated the advice.
"Smiles" and "Happy" aren't always the same thing, but I sure was happy with Lori!
Lori was excited just looking around.
She has very sharp little claws though.  I had pinpricks all over my shoulders the next day.  Comes with the experience, though.  I heal fast.
But still, "ouch, ouch, ouch".
Ans she doesn't like to let go, either.
One paw loose at a time.  And since I was wearing my one and only "festive" shirt, I was being careful.
If not for Ann, I wouldn't have any pics remotely so good.  I'm agile, but there are limits to selfies...

Now, not wanting to get confusing, but I'll switch from Sunday Oct 31 pics to how things went among The Mews recently.  Lori basically stayed in The Mews Room for her 1st few days.  Then I carried her around the house when the others were there so she could see them, and free to wander around when they were outside.

Then I let Marley and Lori meet nose-to-nose and THAT went fine.  Marley is a calm cat.  Later, Laz and Ayla hissed at her (and Lori hissed back slightly).  

I mentioned previously that Lori chased Laz down the stairs to the basement.  I was worried he would attack her (he attacked Ayla when he was new here).  But he didn't.  I consider that a sign that Laz feels safe here now and is assured of my love and care.

Two days ago, Lax approached Lori carefully and they sniffed each other.  Laz was a bit twitchy but did well.  And since then, he walks past her closely without any sign of aggression.  YAY!

Ayla and Lori got close yesterday and Ayla hissed.  Lori did a hiss of her own.  But Ayla didn't get up or attack.  It was a "just leave me alone" hiss.  Ayla doesn't initiate fights, so I feel safe with them close.  When Ayla is upset, she just goes to the bedroom.

Lori can't get enough contact with me.  True to Tonkinese traits, she loves being around people.  

Funnt story:  Having been busy and focussed on Lori adjusting to the othe Mews, I stayed off the discussion board I usually visit daily.  Friday night I went there and stayed online 16 hours (that is not very unusual for me; the place is busy and I love to respond to posts).  But it meant I went to bed at 3 pm and stayed there 12 hours.

Lori found her way under the covers and slept there with me the whole time!  She purred most of the time (can cats purr in their sleep?)  At least she purred whenever I was briefly awake and stroking her.  And whenever I woke up, she was purring...

I am giving Laz special attention.  He may be feeling uncertain of his position with Lori.  He isn't a lap cat so whenever he walks near, I give him scritchies, I talk to him a lot, and he is getting treats a couple at a time.  He has expressive eyes and mews, so I know when he is wanting attention.

More First Day pictures from Ann tomorrow...