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Monday, November 08, 2021

More Monday Lori Pics

TBT:   Today is the 2nd series of Ann pics called Lorelei Lee.  I'll be starting to show more recent I took myself, but hers are better and I don't want to lose track of them...

Lori is adjusting rapidly.  The breeder said she only eats FF Chicken Kitten feast, but it seems that Turkey and Salmon works for her too.  Same with litter.  She was used to "Worlds Best", but seems to accept scoopable litter just fine.  

Lori loves The Lap.  It funny, I am so used to The Mews coming up on my lap while I am sitting and watching TV after dinner, I often don't even realize I am stroking one, or which one.  Sometimes, I am surprized to find one at all.  It gets THAT subconcious after a while.

And now Lori is there too.  I had Ayla on the back of the chair, Marley on the ottoman in front of me and Lori on my lap last evening!  Laz doesn't quite get The Lap yet, but he was curled up on the floor next to the chair.  All 5 of us within touching distance!

And last night, Lori was under the covers with me and Laz was napping ON the covers right next to her.  Surely, he could smell that she was mere inches away.  He was calm.

I'm not prepared to say who will become BFFs yet, but everything is generally peaceful  for now.  I can't ask for much more than that...

I slept the sleep of the just, last night.