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Tuesday, November 09, 2021

Twofur Tuesday

MARLEY:   OK, OK...  Me and Laz both like Lori well enough.  She and I sniff each other  peacefully.  She doesn't bother me (though she bats my tail a couple times a day).  Laz is getting along  with her even though she chases him around a lot.  I havent quite figured that out yet.  He seems a bit uncertain how ta react, ya know?  He doesnt seem ta be sure what ta do around a kitten...  But as long as he stay calm to her, its OK.

Ayla hisses but it is kinna half-hearted and she just leaves.

But it IS Twofur Tuesday and it is Me and Lazs turn on the blog...

TBT got Lori's picture, birfday, an gotcha day added ta the sidebar.  Iffen ya care about that sort of thing...  And oh yeah, we got a new Header from Ann.  Gorgeous as usual...