Monday, November 15, 2021

Monday Memory

TBT:   I need to keep the camera in my shirt-pocket...

Last night, late (3 pm) I was watching a movie and Marley came up on my lap.  He sits facing forwards.  A few minutes later Lori came up and settled down behind him with her head on Marley's shoulder.  It was a beautiful sight.  Both even started purring in unison. They stayed that way for almost 30 minutes.  I kept a hand touching both of them.

And the camera was in another room...

It was a dear memory, but memories fade.  So I am writing this as the best recollection of the event I will ever have someday.  Marley purring on my lap and Lori resting on him and me purring as well.

Maybe I'll get lucky and it will happen again when I have the camera at hand...  But some events are unique.