Sunday, November 21, 2021

Easy Like Lori Sunday

TBT:   I finally sorted and organized all of Lor'i First Week pics.  At least, I THINK I have!  I had them by name, by number, by date, in 2 special "Lori" folders and in regular "Cat" folders.  I copied them all into a single "LoriFirstWeek" folder then went searching through it for duplicates and deleting those (and some REALLY poor ones *I* took).

Then I printed a list of all the pics file names.  Which confused the computer because it kept trying to give me the actual pics.  I finally had to use screenshot and "selection" to isolate the file name list.  But the list was too long for the display screen, so now I have LoriFirstWeek (1 through 4) and copied each of THOSE to my Notes app and printed each separately.  

But I still didn't know which I had used, so I went to the blog starting at Day 1 and checked each used file name off 1 by 1.  THAT worked!

So I was left with about 3 dozen unused pics which I will show over the next few days just to make the record complete.  I hope there aren't many duplicates...