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Sunday, December 05, 2021

Easy Like Sunday

MARLEY:  I'm waitin fer TBT ta open the deck door.  I wanna go out.  It will be soon, as we have all had 1st  breakfast an it isnt raining.  But I have a good sunpuddle to sit in...

An the sunpuddle reaches the scratcher box.  That is a comfy place for my head.  And I sniff it.  I can tell everycat has been using it lately.  What can be better than sniffs&sunpuddles together?  Well, OK, I could make a list, but ya know what I mean.  Those are good.
But it is kinna worn out.  TBT made it years ago.  A box with "co-regated" cardboard strips glued in.  It sat around ignored fer years, but has become popular lately.  A box with pieces of boxes in it, MOL!
I dint notice until seeing this pic of me, but I need some brusies and combies.  Fur looks a bit rough.  But thats fer later...  TBT is openin the deck door.

Time ta find some mousies!