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Monday, December 06, 2021

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  I love sunpuddles.  Well, they are warm of course, but they do innerestin things to me furs.  Fer Marley, they just brighten his.  Fer Ayla, sometimes ya can actally see her face good.  Makes little difference on Lori as she is still mostly all white (but TBT says that will change).  

As I said, I love Lori.  Shes playful and I NEEDED that.  But she is a bit re-lentless.  She love battin my tail.  A fella needs SOME calm time, ya know?
But I can ignore my tail.  It seems ta have a mind of its own annyway.  Allus movin around...

So I let Lori an my talio fight it out while I nap in the sunpuddle.

BTW, I like Winter in one way; the sunpuddles reach further into the house...