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Thursday, December 09, 2021

Thankful Thursday

Lori -  Marley says I should express myself.  OK.  

1.  Mom tole me I would leave to a new home.  I miss her, but this is a good place.  The Big Bein is friendley an gives me lots of attention.

2.  Marley is big, WAY bigger than Mom.  But he is kind.  He tells me stuff.

3.  Laz is bigger than Mom too, but not by much.  And he lets me play with him!

4.  Ayla is fussy and hissy, but she hasn't hissed at ME (much).  An I dont think she really meant it.  She an Laz dont like each other.  But they are both nice to ME so that is gud.

5.  I like eating with the boycats.  Laz likes my food but I like his too, so that is OK.

6.  TBT carries me around the house sometimes.  There are places I shouldnt go yet, but he lets me see them ta unnerstand them.

7.  I wanna follow Laz an Marley out.  Marley says "next year" as I ma too young yet.  But he lets me sniff him all over when he comes inside and that is "innerestin".

8.  I LOVE sleepin with TBT all night.  He is kinna like Mom, but differnt.

9.  I dont uneerstand the flashy thing.  Marley says I will get used ta it.

10.  The flashy thing is odd.  It shows me after.  I don't uunnerstand that.   But Marley says it is OK.

11.  Marley says there should mostly be a picture, and that I choose.  OK,,,


Bet I made ya yawn...