Thursday, December 16, 2021

Thankful Thursday


1.  I love Laz!  He plays with me.  He is a great Big Brother.  Marley is good to me too, but not as much fun.  

2.  I love TBT!  He lets me nap on him, gives me fur-strokes and scrtitchies (just discovered the delight of "unner-chin" ones).

3.  I arrived here at 3.2 pounds.  A few weeks later, I was 3.4.  But I eat a lot and run around a lot, so I am making muscles fast.  I weighed 4.0 yesterday!  TBT says I am going to be a strong cat when I grow up.  Like Iza.  Apparently, she was a lot like me.

4.  I'm a bit frustrated.  Marley, ayla and Laz get to go outside.  TBT won't let me.  He says I have to wait for my 1st birthday.  I hope that is just a couple Big Moons from now.  I charge at the open door, but TBT's feet are big and block my way.

5.  I have some great toys here.  I love the Springs that The Lady  delivered with me, but wow are there some great different ones here.  And fresh NIP sometimes.  I didn't react to that at first, but I do now.  We all do.  Mousies that rattle are good.  

6.  I'm REALLY good at Turbotrack!  I can beat the ball over the high spot, and I love moving it around the track.  

7.  TBT says "the tunnel" will come out soon.  I don't know what that is, but he says I might love it.  

8.  I follow TBT around during the daytime (when Laz is tired).  I jump on him with all claws (to climb his clothey-furs).  He isn't so fond of that but holds me when I get up enough.  I like it when he holds me on his shoulder.

9.  I love scratchers.

They are so worn out, they make a good nappy-spot.