Sunday, December 19, 2021

Easy Like Sunday

We Three like eating together.  Bad pics, but you never know until later.

Lori is fitting right into mealtime.  She isn't afraid to eat with us Mancats.  In fact, she has nosed into a bowl herself.  She is getting bored with "kitten food" and wants the "adult cat stuff".  TBT is keeping her on "kitten" until 6 months though.  It is probably what she needs.

She eats a LOT!  More than we do sometimes.  Lately, we are getting those Fancy Feasts cans and TBT splits those in 1/3ds for us 3 adults.  Lori has the same in "kitten food" and she eats a 1/2 each time.  

 Where DOES she put it all?  Well, she sure runs around a lot.  TBT says a kitten's motor runs "hot".  

Ayla still prefers to eat separately.  She like to nibble slow.  We gobble fast.  Lori keeps right up with us. MOL!

BTW, the picture of the small cat tree is a couple years old.  No mice as ornaments.  But the current on goes up today.  TBT has to thread the mouses with a loop of carpet thread (strong stuff) to attach a regular tree hook onto.

We have promised not to pull the mousies off the tree.  There are enough on the floor.