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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Thankful Thursday

We are thankful for our friends.  Who continue to visit us and leave comments even when we can't. 

I (TBT) have been having computer problems the past month (actually longer, but some are more recent than others).  This is not where to discuss details, but I had some time where posts wouldn't get through unless I copied them and tried later.  And I kept forgetting to do that.  And I had a week where random "0s" started appearing through my comments and forum posts.

That last has gone away, but I still have problems with posts not showing up.  Recreating comments is always of less quality than the original.  It the randomness of the odd problems that drives me crazy.

But I have been working on researching some of the problems.  Sometimes, just updating and restarting helps.  I'll stop there.

Right now, visiting and commenting seems to be working "mostly" well.  I think I lost a few of 50, but I left those sites "unanswered" so I know to check later.  Re-comment, if they didn't show up eventually.

I and The Mews love you all!  When we can't comment, we read.  

We are thankful for all the cards snail-mailed and emailed.  The snail-mail cards are posted to the front door (it is steel and we have LOTS of magnets).  Tomorrow, we will print out the emailed cards and add them.  We have of course, already seen and appreciated them, but we want to take a total picture of them all to post.

We are thankful for all the pictures of decorated trees.  We sometimes don't get around to that, so it gladdens our human and kittie hearts to see those of others.  Such beauty, such differences, and such a great sense of design is impressive.

We are thankful for joy of the season.  It doesn't require snow to make it a holiday.  It is feelings of connections to others.  Gifts are symbolic of love.  Things like card exchanges and secret paws represent that.

We here are thankful for our good lives.  I walked into the bedroom this evening, and saw Laz and Lori curled up together, Marley asleep on the bed a couple feet away, and Ayla on the shoe rack towel above them.  I was thankful just to see that.

We are all thankful for our general good health.  Even Ayla at 14+ (and deliberately self-isolating as she is) seems healthy, alert, and loving.  Laz and Lori have formed a bond.  Laz and Marley still wrassle friendly. Lori falls asleep on my lap often and joins we under the covers most nights. 

I am thankful that I am a lucky cat-daddy with these 4.  

Ayla is lovey to me.  Marley is calm to all and loves my attention.  He nearly passes out when I Zoom-Groom him....  Laz took some work, but settled in.  And he is seeking my attention more, gradually.  Lori brought joy to me and more peace to Laz.  Laz doesn't feel a need to challenge Ayla anymore.  Lori follows me around the house and I give her lots of attention.  This year's attention means a lifetime of loving connection..

I am thankful 4 cats can live in peace...

Some previously-used pics to show the above...

Love, peace, happy...

Talk about SIZE difference...
Ayla happy on The Lap...
Marley and Laz lap-brofurs...