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Friday, December 24, 2021

Crissymouse Eve

We are spending the day listening to classical Chrissymouse Musics.  We have gotten more treats today, and expect more tomorrow.  It is a time we all get to go to fatness.  Even TBT is going to have extra chocolate tollhouse bars and fruits.

There might even be "steaks and bacon" involved.   And of course we will get some plain and simple, without his weerd flavors added.

He has our little tree up.  With MOUSIES!

It could use some lights...  But, WOW, MOUSIES!

And there will be our Secret Paws stuff unner it tomorrow when we all get up.  Sandy Paws delivered the box of goodies  but TBT will open it in the morning.

Lori has never seen one before an is all wide-eyed at it.  But She unnerstands not to attack it.  Yet...  

We will all do it together on Chrissymouse Morning....

Oh Bast and Sandy Paws and Secret Paws (an TBT) we thank you for all this goodness we expect to discover soon...

To all, a good night nap (warm and snuggly), happiness in the morn, and joy in life...  May all of yer prezzie dreams come true...