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Monday, December 27, 2021

Secret Paws

LORI:  Ayla, Marley, and Laz decided I should be our Spokescat this year since it is my first Secret Paws experience.   Thats a Big Girl responsibility, so I am taking it seriously!  I made TBT takes LOTS of pictures.

First, our Secret Paws were CHARLEMAGNE AND TAMAR.  

Now ON to the prezzies!   

There was this nice big box...
And in it was a lovely bloo bag!
And it was full of wrapped prezzies.
We went for the little one wrapped all differnt.
It was a toy ball of yarn.  Neat, we have never seen THAT before.  And there is a bell inside!
And we love tissue paper...
Next, we opened the 2 matching prezzies.  TREATS!  Who doesnt love treats?  And they seem really healthy, so we can have more than one at a time.
Then there was one gift addressed ta each of us BY NAME!  Cool...
But I had ta check out that ball of yarn first.
I got SPRINGS!  I adore springs.  
They are SO pretty and bright.
I tried to get at them right away, but I cant open the bag.
Laz told TBT he needed help opening his.
I took some time to just amire everything.
And a little grooming allus helps when ya are all exited!
And Charlemagne and Tamar must have known we lose them fast unner furniture and weerd places...  Cuz we EACH have our OWN bag of springs!  I also stopped to read the nice card they sent.
Wow, I cant wait ta play with that ball of yarn!
Marley enjoyed one of the treats...
As did Ayla!
We will be "springing" around with our new toys and enjoying the treats for a long time...