Friday, January 21, 2022

We Are Back

Not that we wanted to be away, but TBT said the puter was being mean and there were problems.  We weren't happy about that, but we didn't have much choice.

MARLEY:   As the calmest, I will start us going again...  

I had to look at empty bowls a few times!  Not that we didnt get fed as regularly as often, but TBT doesn't normally leave the empty ones on the floor.  Its a depressing sight...

A food bowl on the floor should mean food is coming.  

The good news is also that we had whole CASES of foods arrive yesserday.  Some of the best yummies!    We are all OK.  Lori is loving it here.  She and Laz play constantly, bunny-kick each other mercilessly, and then go nap together right after.

I've never seen anything like THAT!  

I just stay peaceful and watch them.  I think it is like how Beins watch superhero action movies...


  1. I'm glad you are back! And that your food arrived!

  2. I am glad to see you back and are all well. Good to hear you had a big shipment of food arrive too. It must be fun to watch Laz and Lori play, but better being a spectator than taking part.

  3. Welcome back!!
    Life is good when food is plentiful ;)
    It's good to hear that Laz and Lori get on so well.
    Sounds like a happy household :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. Mom guesses she will have to start trying to order my food. It is getting very employ everywhere, Only the least expensive and not well made is available in small amounts now.

  5. Glad you are all welland well-fed !

  6. Welcome back - you were missed.

    And Marley - you're absolutely right: abandoned and empty bowls are very depressing. A food bowl on the floor should definitely be a sign that food is just about to be delivered. Sit down on The Lap and remind TBT of the rules.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Hooray, we're glad you are back and we know you'll eventually get food in them there bowls!

  8. We are so happy to see you all again! And hooray for a stash of noms to keep you all well fed and happy!

  9. Glad you are back and you are fully stocked with food. XO

  10. We were SOOOOO happies when you popped up in our comments! We have barely been posting or visiting and it's been soooooo long we did not even know about LORI! She is 100% adorable, and a worthy successor to the Glorious Iza, Queen of all Tonkinese Kitties. Lori is just beautiful and seeing you, TBT, with a Tonk girl again warms the cockles of our hearts. We know how you loved Iza and we are so glad you have another Tonk girl in your lap. Your house is full now! XOXOXO Gigi and Buddy & the Human

  11. How wonderful to see Marley standing guard and being so patient.

  12. We're glad to see you are back. Mom is going to have to start ordering all our food online soon. We already get our dry from Chewy.


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