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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Womancat Wensday

LORI:  I love ta nap unner stuff.  TBT will lift the blankies for me in bed.  He sometimes regrets it though.  First, I curl up next ta his hip but then I creep forward until Im breathing right in his face.  He doesnt like that so much, but I do.  And I have a Very Loud Purr, which keeps him awake.  In fact the most uncatly thing I've learned about him is that he cant Just Fall Asleep.

But I can get unner lighter stuff by myself.  Like this pile of towels in The Mews Room.  I get my nosie unner the edge an slide right unner the top one.  Then I turn around and stick my head out so I can see an hear better.

I WAS alseep, but the camera wakes me up some.

I finally woke all the way up...
Dont worry, I fell right back asleep.


  1. sure know how to get comfy. XO

  2. It's even better, Lori, if you slurp up some toona juice just before getting into bed. The you can breathe that stuff right up TBT's nose! LOL

    Sydney, Australia

  3. Lori, I like to sleep with mum and my spot is right next to her pillow.
    I like that she can reach over and pet me. It makes us both relaxed and happy :)
    I think you are TBT will be fast friends soon and you will be a little shadow ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. You sure are a cute little girl sweet Lori, enjoy those comfy naps!

  5. Oh yeah, snuggling under covers with your human is the BEST!
    Purrs & Head Bonks,
    Alberto, Oliver & Lily

  6. My human envies us kitties, with our ability to fall asleep anywhere, any time!

  7. You need to meet our pawppy, petcretary says he could sleep throug a erd of elephants having a stampede, even it was on top of m...Bwahahaa! He could fall asleep in 2 seconds...anywhere when the desre overtakes him. petcretary is like your TBT...can't sleep worth a darn, and woe to any feather/fur that falls beside her...she will wake right up.

    Enjoy your sleepy times, Lori!

  8. Snuggling under the duvet with your human is the BEST thing a kitty can do. It keeps both kitty and Human warm and makes the Human so Grateful that afterwards, they are putty in said kitty's paws. 😽


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