Monday, March 21, 2022

Spay Day


I delivered her to the Vet at 8 am.  They called at 1:30 to let me know the operation was a success and I could pick her up at 3 (she was still a bit woozy).  Got her settled into The Mews Room with a litter box.  She hates being closed in the room.  Plus, the 1st thing she did was slide the inflatable collar off.  I put it back on and she slid it off again.  Well, she has never had a collar, so the feeling must have been very annoying.  I'll try again once per hour.

The collar worked fine for LC, Ayla, and Iza.  I may have to go back and get the dreaded plastic cone.  At least she has dissolvable sub-surface stitches, so there is nothing to bite on and pull.  I'll have to watch her frequently to make sure she isn't licking or biting at the site.

Either my Vet is unusually cautious or the post-op rules have changed since Iza was spayed.  I was given a long list of Dos and Don'ts which seems excessive based on past experience.  I've noticed these new Vets  are a lot more financial careful and legalistic than "kindly old Dr Miller" was.  Things like being 15 minutes late for an appointment or failing to cancel one 24 hours in advance can generate a 10% charge of the estimated visit fee.  And there are all kinds of "it's not our fault" clauses in the visit document I sign before leaving a cat.

I don't know what the Ownership/Management structure is, but there has to be a lawyer with an MBA involved, LOL!  On the other hand, they sometimes do or give free stuff.

So, The List (briefly):

1.  No contact with the other Mews for 24 hours and no "excitement".

2.  1/2 food and water until Wensday am.  And it warns that Lori's appetite may decrease permanently.

3.  Not much exercise, no rough play, and no stairs for 10-14 days (yeah right).  

4.  She should wear an isolation collar 10-14 days .  I think I've already lost that battle, perhaps persistence will work.

5.  Oral pain medication 5-7 days (oh joy).

6.  A warning that the sedatives and anesthetic can cause Ileus (basically, "all sorts of digestive issues").

7.  And then at the bottom of the page it says "Special Instructions:  None Needed".  What was all that stuff above?  ;)

I think a lot of the instructions are aimed more at dogs.  "No exercise or rough play", for example, seems more like a dog thing.

The important thing is that the platelet "problem" was cleared up and Lori has had her operation.  It was a close thing though.  The Vet had mentioned that she prefers not to do a spay until 4 weeks after a last heat.  Well, Lori had 3 heat cycles in 7 weeks, so that was never going to happen.  And never while a cat was in heat.  But she admitted that she had done sone spays on cats "still with swollen organs" (her words, not mine) and that Lori was an unusual case so she would.

In fact, she was in heat all last week and even last night was still having some infrequent calling sessions.  Her last Yowling was after midnight and I was worried the Vet would refuse to operate yet again.  But she was quiet this morning and I was very careful to not mention the most recent cycle.  By 11 am today, I decided they would have called by then if refusing to operate, so I cheered silently to myself, sure that the operation was over.

So it seems everything has gone OK.  Thank you to all the cats and people (and a couple of doggies, I think) who have commiserated or wished her (and me) well these past 2 months.  LC and Iza got their spays without problems.  Ayla and Lori didn't.  Not their fault of course.  Spay operations aren't exactly "natural events".

Time to visit Lori again in the Mews Room...  Assure her everything is OK, and she probably will never have another operation.  That she is OK and will feel happier the rest of her life.  Tell her I'm sorry she had to feel some pain.  Give her a couple of spoons of her favorite food (Fancy Feast chicken in creamy sauce) and promise more later.  


  1. That is very good news that she has at last been able to have her spay op. I am also glad that all went well and she is back home again.

  2. I'm so glad to hear that she was able to successfully get through her spay surgery. Prayer and purrs for her full recovery. It sounds like she is in very capable hands. I'm sure that the veterinarian's office is just covering their butt with all of the legal stuff. People sue for crazy things these days.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  3. Glad Lori is safely home.
    One of my cats got an inflatable collar...and had punctured it before we got home...the vet is 2 miles away.

  4. So glad Lori’s surgery was successful and that it’s over now!

  5. We are glad the spay went well and are sending healing and comforting purrs. I couldn't keep Chimera in a cone and somehow she managed to mess up her stitches so she had to go back for more stitches. She had an extra long incision though as they fixed her hernia at the same time as her spay.

  6. I'm so glad that Lori got her spay! But what's with the long list of instructions? I was up being my usual self in a couple of days, which is about how long I had to wear that soft collar. Binga didn't even get that much! I'm sure all these instructions are WAY over cautious. Just keep an eye on her in case of any complications.

  7. Ditto what Summer said...sounds like the instructions I got after some of the surgeries I have had...well, except for the cone/collar, LOL!

    Glad *Its* done and now life can resume in normalcu...hopefully!
    POTP, Lori, soon you will feel great and ready for some snuggles with your kitty furblings.
    I know you are getting lots of them from TBT!!

  8. So good to hear the spay is done and Lori ca get on with life wit the the Mews :)
    Purrs, Julie

  9. ... paws together, tails wagging that all is now well and good, so happy for both of you ...

  10. Those instructions do sound quite extreme. 'Back in the day' ... I think you just brought the cat home, made sure it was warm and comfortable and expected that it would be fairly quiet for a day or three!

    Sydney, Australia

  11. I'm glad all is well with sweet Lori. No climbing, playing or rough housing for a while though, they don't make suturing material like they use to so you don't want her tummy to pop open.

  12. Glad the surgery is done and she is back home with you. Praying she has a speedy recovery. XO

  13. So happy to hear all went well with the spay!!!!
    Now Lori can get on with having FUN!!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie


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