Friday, May 27, 2022

Flashback Friday

This week in  2011 was an Ayla week.  She was "almost 4" then.

A skilled huntress.
No mousies were safe when she was outside.
She found them anywhere,
The least twig-rustle and she homed in...
And she always found one.
Wearing her favorite bloo collar.
Sometimes she caught several.
But when she didn't, she ruled the yard!
And kept sniffing,

She got one!  And then levitated to the top of the 6' fence.
Enjoyed her snack
And settled down to watch the world,
It takes an agile cat to settle down on the 2 of a 2x4 fencetop.
But she loved it.
She loved watching the neighbor's yard.
More skwerrals  there.

And the fencetop was her sanctuary then.  

Now it is the bathroom windowsill.


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