Friday, June 24, 2022


LORI:  I've been fascinated with some buzzy bugs that fly around the deck.   They are kinna fast and they dont pay much attention to me, so I wanted ta catch one.  I finally got one unner my paw to examine it.  I wish I hadn't!


And it hurt.  I shook my paw a lot, but the ouchie wouldn't stop.  I hadda limp around for a while.  I dont think I wanna catch one of THOSE again.

TBT:  Lori likes to chase bugs.  I've noticed her trying to catch wasps recently.  I can't stop her from trying, but I've been watching carefully.  If she gets stung, it's part of her outdoor learning experience.  I expected she would get stung eventually.

But "where" matters.  In the body it hurts but "just hurts".  If she ate one and was stung, I have the emergency pet hospital number on the fridge, and would rush her to it.

She trapped one under her paw while I was watching her and I ran out immediately.  She yelled, jumped and poofed, and ran for the door as I was opening it.  She was shaking a front paw vigorously (can't recall which as I was upset) and went 3-legged for about 20 minutes.  I tried to grab her to see if it was a bee-stinger that need removal but she would have none of that attention; feeling "hurty".  

Don't expect to see any pics from all that confusion and uncertainty! 

I did force attention to her paws, and found no bee-stinger.  Actually, by that time, she was walking around normally again.  Cats are tough!

I think she got "tipped" by a wasp.  I say "tipped" meaning a "just barely" sting.  I've experienced that a few times myself.  Not full sting, just an "almost" one that half gets you and little venom.  Like if you brush them off almost as fast as they sting.

Needless to say, I watched Lori for a couple hours until I was sure she wasn't going to have any problems.

I bet she doesn't bother any wasps for a while...  


  1. I'm relieved it wasn't worse! I hope Lori has learned her lesson.

  2. I am glad it wasn't a serious sting. She should have more respect for wasps in the future!

  3. Good to hear Lori is OK.
    Purrs you are OK too!!!!!
    Purrs, Julie and mum

  4. Ouch! Your latest post has us really, really worried though. Sending lots of purrs!

  5. Oh, poor Lori! You stay away from those nasty wasps now.

  6. Oh dear!

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Poor Lori, we hope she learned the lesson ! Purrs


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