Monday, June 20, 2022

The Mews Monday

We were very nice to Dad yesterday.  Lori played with the TurboTrak, 

Laz sat on his lap, and Marley and Laz wrassled close to him.  Ayla came out from the bedroom a few times (but wasn't quite confident enough to go out on the deck - Laz and Lori were lounging out there).  But she did lie down next to him that night and he enjoyed that.

We helped him cook chicken outside by staying out of the way (seriously, we don't cook and he worries about us near the hot box).  

We chased an introoder cat out of the yard.  Well, Marley and Laz did.  I (Lori) am too inexperienced for that, but I came to the deck all tail-poofed so Dad would know there was an "issue" outside.  He went out, but Marley and Laz had the indrooder fleeing over the fence by then.

We all got treats for that.

Laz caught another mousie and gifted it to Dad.  And he let me claim it was part of my gift too.  He is a good Brofur.  He catches about one a day (that we see, and maybe more).  

Marley sat on Dad's lap to warm him.  

Dad had a good day and that's what Father's Day is all about.  None of us ever met our actual Dads, so he's our real Dad in all impawtant ways.


  1. It sounds like you all had a lovely day!

  2. You all gave your dad a really good Father's Day.

  3. What a great Father's Day you gave your Dad.

  4. That was some very special and fun day!

  5. Sounds like you all gave your dad a nice Father's Day. XO

  6. What a wonderful 'kittiful' day you gave to your beloved TBT...aka Dad Being!

  7. And given as he so well deserved! Paws up to all of you!

  8. You all made it a PURRFECT Father's Day!

  9. You guys gave TBT a great father's day!

    Sydney, Australia


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