Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Werdy Wensday

We discovered the basement door oped to the outside too.  Ans since TBT down there too, we were waiting to go out there to see if it was different.

It actually was.  We had to go UP to the lawn instead of down.  

It doesnt take much to make us happified sometimes... 

Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday Mancat

 MARLEY:  I know when TBT is getting ready to go to bed.  The TV and lights go off in the other rooms.  I 'm old enough to know the routine.  So I go and relax in a corner of the bed and wait.  

We Mews have all our tummies filled for the night, so we are good for settling down in comfort.  Ayla has her own 2 places.  She sleeps unner the bed headboard or on a mat she likes in The Mews Room.  

Laz and Lori are already on the bed, but they haven't learned the routine yet.  It takes a while, and they are really focussed on each other.  So TBT has to pull the covers back slowly to get them to move so he can crawl in.

Since I'm already on the bed when they get moved, I don't really know where they go.  I mostly just stay there.  I like to sleep close to him but not touching.  I used to sleep against him when I was a kitten.  

And it seems to be a thing with new Mews.  Laz did his first year.  Lori does crawl unner the covers around dawn.  TBT turns around a lot at night.  Maybe only kittens can stand that.  Laz and I like the corners on the bed.  Close but not getting pushed around when TBT moves.  

Friday, August 26, 2022

Flashback Friday

THE MEWS:   Since yesserday was our 16 Blogoversary, we thought we would copy the 1st.  None of US remember were here ta remember it, so it is sort of new ta us too.

Things looked all disorganized then.  Wow have things changed since!  The text never matched up ta the pics, but it was the best TBT, Skeeter, and LC could do.

So, as we are, just look and enjoy the "far ancient days"...

"SKEETER & LC: The Big Thing surprised us today! He asked if we 'membered how he's told us we have "years" of "age. Well, we do, sorta. It means the seasons come around in a pattern and repeat themselves, so when the weather is mostly like it was many Big Moons ago, that is a "year".

And when a year has passed since you were born, you have a "birthday". OK, we get that. We know we are 14 and 15 "years" old now. Well, he said Blogs have birthdays too. We dint know that!!!

Our bloggie is a year old TODAY! Yurrah, but so what, do you feed it fancy stuff or something? Do you give it treats? Apparently you do. You give it what a bloggie likes best - PICIATURES. Bloggies like piciatures like we like bein scratched.

So he set up chairs (with pillows) next to the puter, an we spent some time finding the ones we liked best from the past year...

1.  In September, we got new FOOD BOWLS. Finally we dint hafta both push our heads into a little plastic double thing. We could both stand on our own and eat more relaxed. They were pretty, too. We still like them.

2.  November brought a terrible FLOOD! It rained for a light anna dark anna light. We had water inna bottom of the cave (even around our litterboxes) and everything outside was fulla water. The old car was surrounded an it seems to have drowned. It was several lights before the ground didnt squish unner our paws.

3.  Before it got too cold, we watched the fishies inna pond.

4.  We watched Kitty TV (the fishie pond it the cave).

5.  When it was really cold outside, we napped a lot.

6.  We got treats (and a lot of tossed toys).

7.  We had lotsa food!  

8.  As nicer weather returned, we got more active again. We got SHRIMPSIES and HAM.

9.  We took funny piciatures.

10. In March, The Big Thing builded us a Kitty Condo!

11. In May, we got our first PREZZIE PACKAGE from another kitty. That was such a surprise and it was so cool. This piciature is jus an example and we have been thrilled to get a couple others.


And we specially had lotsa fun playin with each other ALL YEAR! 

Thursday, August 25, 2022

16th Blogoversary

TBT:   It hard to believe it has been 16 years.  So much has happened in that time.  Skeeter and LC started it, but left for the Bridge too soon.  Ayla came while Skeeter and LC were still here; she is the only Mews who remembers them.  Iza came and left.  Marley joined us, and then BFFs Laz and Lori arrived separately.  

Other than the few sad days, I have enjoyed this and I hope to continue more years...

Thank you all for the visits...

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


MARLEY:   Should I join them?  I'm never sure.  They are a real tight twosome.  

I don't want to intrude, ya know.

And Im not exactly invited...

Being on the same bed is good enough.  They dont mind if I am a bit away.

I'll just settle down "close"...

They have each other and I dont want to get in the way.  MY real cuddle spot is on TBTs lap.

And if Ayla joins us sometimes, that is OK with me.  I like her and she trusts me to be peaceful.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Not Easy Like Sunday

TBT HERE:  Dammit, I tried.  I tried to comment on WMD several times using Google, name/url and anonymous and failed every time.  I tried email.  I couldn't get through.

My decision now is whether to post it publically to tell the blogger I liked the posts all these years or just give up and not let it go with him not knowing his posts were appreciated.  You know I don't give up easily...

So of course I'll try the last thing I can do...  I'll post here.  At least I can still do that.

Hi WMD - Mark of  here.   I can't get comments to post at some sites.  But be assured yours has brought me enjoyment through the years.  I understand your fish reference.  42 and keep a towel handy, etc.Wink

There is a time when everyone stops doing one thing and takes up another interest.  I'm wondering how long I will continue the blog myself.  We have lost Max The Psychokitty, Sparkle, Spitty The Kitty, Eric&Flynn, etc (I have to stop somewhere).  I'm feeling, well "repetitive?" these days.

Fortunately, I started out with 2 elderly cats, and the new ones engaged me wonderfully.  But the first "new ones" are getting old themselves.  Ayla is 15 and Marley is getting old at 12.  Iza departed too soon from a cancer.  If not for Laz and Lori...

I think I would stop, myself.  But not yet.

But I did want to make sure you knew that I read the posts and enjoyed them all these years.  They were not "tumbleweeds lost in the desert".


And messed up the day again...

Caturday Saturday

 LORI:  OK, "sometimes Laz is outside or elsewhere and I get up on TBTs lap.  He gives good scritches and is also warm.  I can appreciate that sometimes...

Friday, August 19, 2022

Flashback Friday.

 Today we look closer to the present.  This week in 2016...

Iza and Marley enjoying some time together...

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Thursday Nappin

 Laz And Lori:  We offer you "Napping"...  TBT says that we do it better than most.  We don't know about that, but we sure enjoy it.

TBT wonders what each of us would do without the other.  Well, we don't want to know...

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Thankful Wensday

 LORI:  Laz was late coming in last night.  I was worried.  TBT says bad things can happen out at night.  

He went out and called a lot.  Even walked around in the dangerous dark.  Laz didn't return when he should have (he did later, so don't worry).  But I was uoset.  I don't like to be away from Laz.

I kept looking out the deck door for him to return.  I was really worried...

He finally returned.  I was so happy ta see him, I whapped him for being out so late!  He deserved it.

Womancat Wensday

 AYLA:  I love my windersill.  Yeah, it is a bit of a mess, but TBT promises to do a cleaning soon.  He does it often, but it doesnt last long.

I love eating up here.  And my little glass bowl is better than the plastic ones the other Mews eat from, so I like that.

And nocat noses into my bowl up here...

Yum!  That was good.  I eat almost everything, but that was chicken with cream sauce and I love that one.

I only eat as much as I need, BUT, there is a little leftover and I will enjoy that

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Its My Birfday

MARLEY:   Im 12 today!  I almost forgot it though...  Thats OK, Im kinna relaxed about things like that.

I've enjoyed it here from my first day to today (and expect to fer many more years).