Monday, August 29, 2022

Monday Mancat

 MARLEY:  I know when TBT is getting ready to go to bed.  The TV and lights go off in the other rooms.  I 'm old enough to know the routine.  So I go and relax in a corner of the bed and wait.  

We Mews have all our tummies filled for the night, so we are good for settling down in comfort.  Ayla has her own 2 places.  She sleeps unner the bed headboard or on a mat she likes in The Mews Room.  

Laz and Lori are already on the bed, but they haven't learned the routine yet.  It takes a while, and they are really focussed on each other.  So TBT has to pull the covers back slowly to get them to move so he can crawl in.

Since I'm already on the bed when they get moved, I don't really know where they go.  I mostly just stay there.  I like to sleep close to him but not touching.  I used to sleep against him when I was a kitten.  

And it seems to be a thing with new Mews.  Laz did his first year.  Lori does crawl unner the covers around dawn.  TBT turns around a lot at night.  Maybe only kittens can stand that.  Laz and I like the corners on the bed.  Close but not getting pushed around when TBT moves.  


  1. Marley, it is cool to learn of everycat's fave sleeping spot.
    I still like to sleep by mum's pillow so she can reach over and give me scritches.
    Sometimes I wander and sleep on another part of the bed.Mum does not know...MOL!!
    Purrs, Julie

  2. Sounds like a pretty good nighttime routine. As long as you get your spot, Marley. :)

  3. I don't sleep all night with mum. I may likely join her in the AM so she wakes up.

  4. We cat angels are sort of jealous, because we were not allowed in the bedrooms...something about pushing the limits to petcretary's cat allergies. So we had to settle for lap time when they were awake! At least we were allowed to be there, and we are glad we were 'gotted' at all; petcretary was scared at first to get any kitty, till she remembered that orientals were much less bothersome to her than domestic kitties.

    You sure look comfy there, Marley!

  5. Routine is good, Marley. Ivor used to go to bed first and Eric would go in with him and sleep on my pillow.. When I went in I had to shuffle my head around to get some pillow. Flynn would come in with me and sleep on my tummy either on or under the quilt.

  6. Sounds like a pawsome nighttime routine! I look forward to cooler weather so Mudpie will start sleeping with me again.

  7. I'm glad you have your special sleep spot all picked out Marley!

  8. Sounds like you have some good spots. XO

  9. Because you know the routine, you can get on the bed before the others and grab your favourite spot. Well done that man!

    Sydney, Australia

  10. We know the routine here too and get really hissed off at Mom when she goes to bed late. Sometimes Fenris barks at her until she goes to bed.


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