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Wednesday, August 03, 2022

My First Birfday!

LORI:   OMC, I am 1!  I dint know that until a few days ago cuz TBT wanted it to be a suprize...

I got a pretty card from Ann and June...

And they sent a graphic of some of my pictures this year!

Since couple days ago, I have been talkin ta Ayla and Marley about "birfdays".  Well, they have more experience at that than Laz and me...

I understand that food and games are usual, but Ayla and Marley said I should choose my own (but would help).  Laz mainly just says "run around outside".

So here is what I decided...


Classic Roasted Turkey | Recipe | The Fresh Market - The Fresh Market

And Lobster...

How to Cook Lobster Tail Two Ways | Lobster Trader Recipes

Ayla says that as a "Princess-In-Waiting", I should keep high standards for food.

And there will be games...Wild Turbotrak...

Venus + 4 Bergan Turbo Track Sets - YouTube


Watch These Cats Frolic In A Paradise Of Boxes


Free shipping Wholesale 200pcs/lot 10*5*12CM mini kraft paper gift bag ...


36 Pieces Cat Catnip Toys Interactive Cute Cat Toy Soft Cat Teething ...

Cat Trees:

So I think it is gonna be a great pawty.  I sure hope you will attend.  Ayla says the tunnel is set up fer teleporting...

But Spitty-The-Kitty once visited Iza and came through the TV, so that's an option, too.  If you show up on the deck, dont worry, TBT will be watching it a lot.

One last game...  Laz says he will show any cats that are comfortable outside where the best daytime mousie-hunting is.  Its OK, there is a tall fence around our backyard to keep doggies and vishus deer out.



  1. Wowee!! Happy Birthday to YOU, Lori!!
    The first one is so special!
    We hope its the beginning of a long line of celebrations just like this one!

    Enjoy your most special day, Lori!

    Us pups well, we know about cats, so maybe we can snoopervise the outside perimeters to shoo off intruders and party poopers.
    Then later we can clean up the crumbs..we are good at that you know!

    (We saw petcretary deal with a mouse that came into our den...but she did not let us have it to bring to your party. Same with a deaded birdie that likely hit itself on a window, ans there were no marks on it. What a waste!)

  2. Happy birthday Lori! Your first and a very special one. Enjoy your party!

  3. Happy 1st PurrsDay to a very special little kitty girl ... luv 'n' chin scritches from ann & june.

  4. Happy 1st Birthday, Lori! What a cutie you are!

  5. Happy 1st Birthday Lori!!! I am so happy to help you celebrate!!!
    It looks like we will be having lots of FUN today!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  6. Happy 1st Birthday!!! This is a super party!!!

  7. Happy Birthday sweetest Lori!!! I hope you have an amazingly special day!

  8. Happy Purrthday Lori ! And many more ! Thanks for inviting us to your great party !

  9. Great party. Happy Birthday Lori!! XO

  10. My sisfur, June said that there is a special birthday. So I came to wish you a very happy first birthday, Lori.

  11. Happy Birthday, Lori! This sure is a fun party!!

  12. Mousie hunting at the party? That's a first at TBT's place, I believe. I'm sure that it will be popular. Enjoy!

    Sydney, Australia

  13. Happy Birthday, Lori ! That's a terrific pawty for sure ! Purrs


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