Saturday, August 20, 2022

Not Easy Like Sunday

TBT HERE:  Dammit, I tried.  I tried to comment on WMD several times using Google, name/url and anonymous and failed every time.  I tried email.  I couldn't get through.

My decision now is whether to post it publically to tell the blogger I liked the posts all these years or just give up and not let it go with him not knowing his posts were appreciated.  You know I don't give up easily...

So of course I'll try the last thing I can do...  I'll post here.  At least I can still do that.

Hi WMD - Mark of  here.   I can't get comments to post at some sites.  But be assured yours has brought me enjoyment through the years.  I understand your fish reference.  42 and keep a towel handy, etc.Wink

There is a time when everyone stops doing one thing and takes up another interest.  I'm wondering how long I will continue the blog myself.  We have lost Max The Psychokitty, Sparkle, Spitty The Kitty, Eric&Flynn, etc (I have to stop somewhere).  I'm feeling, well "repetitive?" these days.

Fortunately, I started out with 2 elderly cats, and the new ones engaged me wonderfully.  But the first "new ones" are getting old themselves.  Ayla is 15 and Marley is getting old at 12.  Iza departed too soon from a cancer.  If not for Laz and Lori...

I think I would stop, myself.  But not yet.

But I did want to make sure you knew that I read the posts and enjoyed them all these years.  They were not "tumbleweeds lost in the desert".


And messed up the day again...


  1. I have also enjoyed WMD blog from when we started ours and will miss them. I have been having trouble commenting on several WP blogs and get the message that all fields must be filled even though they are. I checked WMD blog and they don't have the following option so it doesn't apply here, but if you get it on other blogs I click sign out/ change and enter details manually.
    I am very glad you are not thinking of stopping yet!

    1. Thank you. We are trying all options. Our cable TV is acting weird too.

  2. We'll sure miss them too. I was able to comment so I told them you left a message for them here.

    1. And thank you too. I am getting through sometimes using a Name/url. But it demands careful typing and we arent good at that.

  3. We were able to leave a comment to tell them they will be missed too. We seem never to leave a comment on Dash Kitten but told her on the Cats With Blogs facebook page. A couple of us get a virus block when trying to read Melissa & Mudpie - this started two weeks ago. It seems problems are cropping up all over and not all on the same service.

  4. I have been having a tough time on some wordpress blogs. I have to sign out and sign again each time for a comment to go through. I hope you keep blogging for a long time. I feel like you and your cats are family. XO

  5. We miss our old blogging friends some who have gone over the rainbow bridge and some of whom just simply stopped blogging. But we have enjoyed making new friends and continuing to see our old friends who are still around. We are so glad you are still blogging as we always enjoy your post. We are going to try to do better commenting although sometimes when we do have time to comment blogger gives us fits. It's apparently playing nice tonight.

  6. I don't know what WMD is. I only follow a small number of cat blogs and suspect that this is one that is not familiar to me. I do miss Spitty the Kitty and Darling Millie and Mr Puddy. I'm currently unable to get on to Ducky's blog - Norton tells me it's too dangerous!

    I hope you keep blogging for a long time to come.

    Sydney, Australia

  7. Thank you guys! We just saw this this morning and published some comments we got too. We'll still visit our buds but know that we too have had the same frustrations with Blogger, so if it's eons between comments, that will probably be why. :-)

    Ivan & Izzy.

  8. It seems to me they can't be bothered to try and fix all these glitches. Have you tried using different browsers? I mostly use Firefox, but I will use Opera, Safari and even Chrome if need be.


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