Friday, September 23, 2022

Flashback Friday

 This week, we re-visit this week 2013.

The Autumn Joy Sedums were blooming.  They are starting to fade these days but I have clippings that are growing roots in water, so they will start again next year.  Those are zinnias behind them I think.  Those are gone.

Marley was watching a mousie hole under a rock near the pond.  It was a good mousie place.  They had water from the pond, seeds from the flowerbed , and shelter under the rocks.  But Marley figured that out too.

Iza preferred hunting in other ways.  Marley would wait patiently, she stalked.  

She would feel around in any hole.

Sometimes, she would grab one.  Mouisies are kinna dumb.  They tend to follow things like flowerbed edging and Iza learned about that.  Ayla also caught many.  But she would slip into the underbrush and catch them away from their holes.  

Three systems and all equally successful.  None of them were taught (each grew up as an "inside kitten") and none did it being taught be the other Mews.

It was also one of those days when the canned food arrived.  I kept (and keep) them on a pantry shelf, but I always set them on the dining table to alternate flavors and textures.  Poultry, seafood, beef; pate and morsels.  I don't know for sure if The Mews really care.  But variety matters to me, so I do it for them.

Marley was only 3 and Ayla was 6, but look at the difference in size!  And Marley has gotten bigger since then!


  1. All ways of hunting are successful if you are determined enough. If Flynn heard a mouse he would often sit and wait patiently for it to move. Other times he would stick his arm down the mouse hole right up to his armpit.

  2. What a fun flashback! It is fun to see them in hunting mode.
    Guess the cats did not starve with all that cat food. Good to get it in bulk.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Our huMom is obsessed with mixing up the varieties of cat fud too. We don't know if we would care or not if she didn't do it.

  4. That was a nice hunting flashback, she was some hunter!

  5. Great flashback. That was a lot of food. :)

  6. I love watching when cats are in hunting mode. A lot of them sure do have tons of patience.

    Good to stock up on the noms, esp these days.

  7. A family of Mighty Hunters, it seems!


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