Monday, September 19, 2022

Mancat Monday

MARLEY:   I love my hammick.  I hadnt been on it in a while (not that there were fleas or anything), but TBT took it apart and washed the cloth part.  Well, it smelled better...  OK, it actually smelled like "nothing" which was good.

There was too much "me" on it before.  I like it better now.  And I appreciate that it is big enough for me to fit on.  

Edited ta add...

But I have to Meow Like a Pirate today.  Arr, I feel good a sleepin here in the hammick.  The ship's rocking is soothed by the swinging motions of the hammick.  An it makes ta bilge rats a git groggy and easier ta catch.  That bein me only grub here, I precities that.  It why I'm here after all.  Otherwise the crew would just toss me over the gunnels.  I know how ta servive on the ship.  Catch rats.  

Me catmates foller me guidance.  Aye, catchin rats and mice.   But making the crew happy too.  They love us close ta them on the cold nights in their small beds.  

We shipmatecats all have our spcilties at keepin the crew happy.  Princess Ayla sits at the front posing as a beauty (which joys the crew greatly).  I show them the rats I catch and get good treats.  Laz and Lori entertain the mates bein runnin full tilt all around the top boards.

We get by, but we DO have to show them we catch rats.  Ya gotta earn yer spread on a pirate ship!


  1. ts Just Right!
    The cover is all orange kitties like you, Marley!

  2. You look so happy on your hammock! I bet it's like new. Almost!

  3. Those ham-micks are really special and just right for a day long pirate day snoozy Marley!

  4. What better for a pirate than to snooze in his ham-mick between catching rats.

  5. Ye are the handsomest pirate ever Marley. XO


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