Thursday, September 29, 2022

TP Destructo Kitty

TBT:   It has to be Lori!  She's a tissue-puller and a cardboard-chewer (just like Iza).  Not the toilet paper on the holders (so far), but she discovered a bulk package of cheap stuff  I had in the basement bathroom.  

A slight bit of explanation...  The day I heard Covid escaped China back in 2020, I went out and bought emergency supplies in case things went "real bad real fast".  Cans of soup, stew, chili, veggies; meat to freeze; and stuff like toilet paper, tissues, toothpaste, soap, powdered milk, flour etc.  The brand name TP was already gone, so I bought a bulk pack that was left.  It was really poor. 

I ended up not having to use it, so it sat in the basement since then.  Lori discovered it a few days ago!  

She ripped through the shrink wrap and pulled out a roll, then proceeded to shred it on the spot.  

I was actually quite impressed!  Shrink-wrap is not easy to rip open.  Well, I didn't want it anyway, so I left it for her to enjoy.  And she certainly did enjoy it.  It looked like this 2 days later! 

And then she surprised me further the next day.  She pulled out another roll and dragged it up the stairs into the bedroom!

I wish I could have seen her dragging it up the stairs and then shredding it.  Dragging it up the stairs couldn't have been easy.  I can only imagine that she bit an edge and the round  part (which kind of makes a corner) or just the round side, sort of like a lion dragging prey by walking on both sides of it... 

As I said, I am impressed!  I admire her creativity and effort.  I'll leave it all in place for a few days for her to continue to enjoy.  I can live with it a while.  It's not like 'Home&Garden' magazine photographers are ever going to visit, LOL!

But I will move the rest of the TP package to where she can't get at them while I decide what to do with it. And I'll probably reverse my TP rolls on the holders so she can't unroll them.  Iza did that a few times and Laz did it once.

But it sure is amazing to learn what cats will find to do that you don't expect!


  1. LOL! That is hilarious!

    Never had a TP issue with any of our kitties, but Angel Suki was good at tissue pulling...

  2. Looks like she had a wonderful time with her new found treasure!

  3. Lori seems quite able to find things that please her and she knows how o have FUN!!!!
    Purrs, Julie

  4. I used to do stuff like that too. Toilet paper is a lot of fun to play with. ~Ernie

  5. MOL! Lori, you are one determined and skilled little kitty!

  6. She sure had a blast! I haven't had a TP shredder since my childhood cat Patch.

  7. That is too funny. I would love to have seen her trying to carry her prey too. :) XO

  8. Amazing fun sweet Lori, we're really quite impressed too!


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