Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Twosday Turbo

LORI:  OMC, OMC, OMC, Sandy Claws made an emergency delivery here.  He must have heard that I wanted more Turbotrack, and HE CAME!   TBT said he was surprised too (but not quite as surprised as I was)...

I got a 2nd Turbotrack moons before Chrissymouse Time!  TBT opened it up and was amazed.  OK, mebbe a little amazed than I was, but he immediately started to make my current one bigger!  I have no idea how that works .  And neither did he.  

I was seriously worried.  There were parts all over the floor.  And I had no idea how they should go back together!

TBT:  Yeah Lori adores the Turbo Track.  So I arranged with "Sandy Claws at Amazon" to bring another early.  I thought 2 would fit together having seen 2 combined "somewhere once".  Actually, I thought it was on the box, but those are just different arrangements of one set.  

One funny thing is that the 2nd set was described as "green" but was "blue".  Well, who cares about that?  I turned it to a color advantage.  

But connecting all the new parts to the old parts was quite a challenge.  I started by connecting pieces to see where they might connect at the end, but that didn't work well.  So I disconnected all the pieces and started arranging them unconnected.  Moved them around a lot unsuccesfully, but I finally found one and caught on to a few ideas (for anyone who wants to make a bigger Turbo Track).

1.  Reversing curves helps.  Like make an "s" shape of 2 curves.  

2.  The straight pieces (and the bridges are straight pieces) are few and valuable.

3.  Leaving all the pieces loose allows a general shaping easy to move around.  But keep the bridge parts attached as they don't work in halves (I may cement them together).

4.  As I had green and blue parts, I alternated them.  It looks better than random.

5.  As soon as I had one working attached 2 set combo, I took a picture.  Next, I'm going to try for other arrangements, knowing I can repeat at least one.

I seem to recall seeing a site once that showed various ways to combine 2 or 3 sets.  I can't find it now.  If you know of alternate arrangements (or a site showing some) I would like to know.  Lori seems to like compact ones and the only one I've figured out is rather large.


  1. That is a great turbo track, Lori. You will have lots of fun.

  2. I need to make mommy update for me! My track is nce but noting like that one!!! Mom and I thank you for your kind and loving words on Katie's bloggie. Both she and me...we are grateful. XX

  3. That is quite a game to play. Me, I tried my track game and gave up as the mice kept escaping, MOL

  4. Well, maybe that will keep you amused for a bit. You can always add another ball ;)
    Purrs, Julie

  5. My goodness Lori, you hit the Turbo Track jackpot!

  6. WOW You are a lucky little girl. XO

  7. There's a "secret Santa" hiding in the Mews house, he comes in the fall not the winter ... how special is that!


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