Monday, November 28, 2022

Don't Panic

We are explorin new layouts today.  You might see weird ones when ya visit.  We will try ta find a good one ta settle on.    But ya might see some strange ones an they will change every few minutes maybe.


Hours later (and with help from Ann and June Of  The Zoolatry Catnation), TBT started ta figure out some of it.  A little mousie-play and he got it back better...

We got the sidebar organized better, got our kitten pictures added there, and pushed some old stuff down a bit.

Hope ya like the change...😸

The Mews and  TBT


  1. YAY, Hip Hip Hooray! How about sticking with this "theme", the SIMPLE template. It works so well, easy to change, manipulate. fills the monitor nicely. Great wallpapers to use for your background ... you can do the ARCHIVES in a drop down menu so they don't take up as much space/length; and can also adjust your LABELS into a similar format for the
    same reason, spacing. Email or call me if you want to know more tips; I've stuck with SIMPLE for years.

  2. Looks good. I love Lori's baby photo. XO

  3. I have to set Zoom to 50% to see the entire width of the page. This makes the text too small for me to read. :-(


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