Monday, November 21, 2022

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  First, Lori asked me ta mention that she does have a true beard.  It's real, not just wet furs.  We are all special in some odd way.  TBT says it was never intentional because for 3 of us, he dint even know beforehand.

Ayla needed 3 spay operations.  Marley is a male calico (orange/white but he has a patch of black fur).  I'm most normal, but grey tabby stripes, buff chest and bloo eyes fits in.  Lori has a beard.  MOL!

For todays post, TBT caught me enjoyin a bag at night...

They arent very good.  I was across the room in the dark an TBT dint wanna disturb me since I dont go inta bags much.  The last one is "OK".  He told the camera ta make it better, an it did!


  1. You were enjoying that bag! Both Eric and Flynn had a lot of single black furs amongst their ginger ones. They were more noticeable on Flynn, but only if you looked carefully.

  2. Good to see you having fun in that bag Laz.
    Bags can provide lots of entertainment :)
    It's cool that everycat has their own special characteristic.
    I am a black cat with a few white furs.
    Purrs, Julie

  3. You sure look like you're having fun in there Laz! Hey, come by and meet our newbies!

  4. Bags make the best hidey places! You can even reach out to pounce on passers by, be they feline or your TBT!


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