Monday, November 28, 2022

Monday Mancat

MARLEY:   Lori pounced me while I was nappin on the bed.  Its no use chasing her, cuz she is way too fast, and she gets up too high fer me.

But I was tryin ta figure out where she was.  

But she was long gone.  Its not like I would have tried to whap her or annything, but I did want ta complain a bit!  Tell her ta at least wake me up first, ya know?  I was having a wunnerful dream about catchin an Evil Skwerral!


  1. Those girlcats! They have no consideration for a mancats dreams!

  2. Apparently every household has a Lori, ours is Yang. Chimera deals with him by finding hidey holes to sleep in. Yin on the other hand chases him down and whaps him, and Scylla screams at him. Scylla's method seems the most effective as it gets Mom involved.


    1. Lori is a womancat now, but still a bit "kittenish" and playful. She and Laz pounce each other all the time. Marley isn't used to that, and was curious about why. But there are no screams here these days. Laz has gotten rather "normal".

  3. Those girl cats are somewhat thinking more of themselves when they are young like that, Marley. She'll learn.

  4. Little sisters can be brats. :)

  5. Yep, that's really not a fun way to wake up Marley.

  6. Oh, dear....youngsters always are finding regard to their elders. Your dream came true, at least over here, cause we caught a young squirrel or chipmunk...who knows...and brought it inside for the peeps to admire...LOL! (Not a good idea apparently...)

  7. Disturbing a dream about catchin an Evil Skwerl? That's definitely a case that warrants a whap, Marley.

    Sydney, Australia


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