Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Twofur Tuesday

The Ls at rest...

It is so wonderful how they get along.  BL ("Before Lori"), Laz was a very troubled cat.  Oh, sure he was getting "better" as he began (I think) to forget his previous life with pit bulls and grabby children and I talked to him gently for months, but he still had issues.  

But I can't claim all (much of?) the credit.  Lori's arrival last year really made a difference to him.  I'm not sure exactly why.  I mean, Marley was generally friendly to him and Ayla didn't start fights, but something about Lori really settled his troubled mind.  I sometimes wonder if he had a littermate sisfur he missed greatly.  I'll never know.

They adopted each other almost immediately.  Or maybe I should say he adopted her and she agreed to it.  But whatever the cat-dynamics were, there they are together almost all the time.  

They nap together, run through the house together, wrassle, and eat together.  Seriously, sometimes Lori even looks to see if Laz is eating before she eats her own meal!  If he turns up his nose, she does too.



  1. Those pics are adorable! I, too, am very glad for you and for Laz that he has developed a close bond with Lori. He deserves to have a bestest furry friend as well as a bestest dad, and now he's got both.

    Sydney, Australia

  2. It is lovely to see how much they adore each other.

  3. It makes sense that they get along. They are the last cats to come into the home.
    Ayla and Marley had been together for a long time. Laz was the "3rd wheel" so to speak.
    Now, he has his own friend :)
    Purrs, Julie

  4. dat iz berry hart warming to see dem snuggling

  5. None said it better than you did ~

  6. I am glad Lori helped Laz. They are such a cute pair. XO

  7. Soulmates is a good way to describe them, that and totally sweetness!


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