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Thursday, February 03, 2022

Thankful Thursday

 LAZ:  I am thankful for a home with no pit bulls or grabby children.  And I get a lot of kibble, which I really enjoy.  And though I'm not a lapcat like Marley or Lori, I get good attention when I flop down in front of TBT.  

MARLEY:  I am thankful for combing and brushies and even some help with my nether parts when I get a bit crusty (yeah, it happens...).

AYLA:  I am thankful for my bedroom sanctuary and baffroom windowsill.  And that TBT brings me food bowls unner the bed.  And that I can pee and poop on the other baffroom mat without him complaining.  I do still get nervous about that though.

LORI:  I am thankful to be here.  This is a good place.  And Laz is so snuggly with me.  And TBT lets me jump on his shoulders while he walks around.  I spend a lot of time on his lap after dinner (and in bed).  And he says that in Spring, I can go out on a harness to sniff around.