Saturday, February 05, 2022

Caturday Saturday

TBT here:   Yeah, Lori finally went into heat and everyone guessed that.  It started Wednesday night and was at a normal peak last night.  I expect it will last another day or 2.  About 80% of my cats have been female, so this isn't exactly my first experience.  Some of you may recall that Ayla required 3 spay operations to get it right (I'll explain all that if new readers comment that they want to know about that).

Though having Siamese and Burmese ancestry, Lori has been a rather quiet untalkative kitty.  A slight light meow from time to time.  Well, she is a "purrer" more than a "meower".  Maybe she had no complaints before.  LOL!  So when she started "talking" Wednesday night, I guessed what was happening.

My previous experience about spay operations was based on age.  So when she turned 24 weeks old, I asked the vets about spaying.  They said they preferred she go into heat once to establish when she wasn't, as they thought the operation was easier.  My previous Vet (retired now) just went by age. 

Just as an aside, I'm not sure how vets measure age.   "6 months" isn't exactly the same as "24 weeks".  But Lori was born on August 3rd, and went into heat February 3rd".  6 months right to the day!

OK, veterinary science advances like everything else, so I go with whatever they recommend.  I'll call Monday for an operation appointment later that week

Lori has a funny voice.  Small, slight, and calm.  Even in heat, she isn't making much noise.  I appreciate that.  Ayla had an in-heat call that would wake exhausted people in a large building!  So we are good.

Ayla has been more tolerant of Lori the past 2 days (memories?),  Laz is disturbed, and Marley doesn't seem to care.  I can sleep at night.  She seems to want my attention even more than usual and even climbs right up me to sit on my shoulder.  I'm not sure what that is all about, but I am wearing heavy jeans and thick flannels shirts now.  She has sharp claws...

I expect it will end in a couple days and if it stays as it is for the couple days, I'll sleep OK.  Lori seems to go into it for an hour and then is normal again for several.  She sleeps and eats OK.  She sleeps at night with Laz.  She joins me in bed sometimes normally.  

I'm expecting that her operation will be in 7-10 days and everything will be calm after.  No repetition of Alya's difficulties...

I still have the inflatable collar used for Ayla and Iza.  It was sold for small dogs, but it works great for cats.  Much better than "The Cone".