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Thursday, February 10, 2022

An Unthankful Thursday

 TBT:  I'm not happy with my Vets!  Not that they don't provide good cat-care, but they are not always straight-forward about their practice.  They could tell me more about scheduling/timing, and they don't.  I'm not planning on searching for a new Vet, but they can really withhold information sometimes.

OK, I should mention I was talking to the Desk Manager (for lack of a better job title)...

When Lori was 5 months old, I asked about a spay operation and microchipping.  They said they preferred to wait til 6 months for microchipping and do a spay after going through heat once (to do it "in between"). I have never previously had a Vet who worries about that.  But, if newer Vet practices are better for the cat, I go along...

So Lori went through her first heat Feb 3-8.  I called today to schedule the appointment.  They said they were scheduled to March 3rd.  They offerred a mid-March appointment.  Lori will probably go into heat again right about March 3rd, so that would be a 2nd heat.  

I'd rather not go through that again.  And I would rather she didn't have to either.  Lori is a Tonkinese, and they are related to Siamese and Siamese are LOUD.  Tonkinese are close...  One week was bad enough for both of us.

But it relates to Ayla.  As some of you may not know (and many of you know do know), Ayla required 3 spay operations.  The first 2 were done by the breeder's Vet.  The 1st was unsuccessful.  After telling me "it would end soon" for months, he agreed to do it again.  Poor Ayla!  But the 2nd was unsuccessful, too.  The Vet said that sometimes heat cycles could re-occur for months due to "thyroidal issues" and there wasn't much he could do about that.

Ayla went into heat every 3 weeks for a week at a time for months afterwards.  I was still working at the time, and between long hours and a long commute, sleep was precious.  I didn't get much during her week.  And she was a wreck.   I have experience with female cats.  She was worse than any other.  I swear, I could have grabbed her tail and swung her around like a board. 

 It was like she was 2 cats in heat in one body.  And she grabbed me with all claws anytime she could.  She would stick on me like velcro.  I bought spot-bandages.  I used a lot of antibiotic ointment.  I still have the calendars that I marked with red Xs for her heat days.  The months are full of red Xs.

I don't want to be indelicate here, but one day, I noticed a beige discharge from her lady parts.  I brought her to my Vet and he decided to do an exploratory surgery.  Knowing she had been spayed 2x before, he was shocked to find one entire ovary and part of the uterus still inside her and deteriorating (hence the discharge).  

He called me quickly in mid-operation about it.  I told him to save the parts as evidence.  I still have them in alcohol.  He said the parts were obvious and "right there".  Ayla's 3rd spay (by my own Vet) worked fine.

So, I have this "thing" about spay operations.  Fear of failure...  Naturally then, when my current Vets (the good old guy retired a couple years ago after caring for The Mews for 30+ years) started delaying things, I was worried.  

The Desk Manager suggested I could bring Lori to the Humane Society for her operation and that they could do it within a week.  I was unsure about that, but she said she brought her own cats there and that they were very good.  I will call tomorrow to see about an appointment.  I think I will make that mid-March appointment with my regular Vets (just in case) though.  

So I am really not very happy today...