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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Spay Date!

 TBT:  When you are confused about answers, ask again!  

I called my regular Vet office again yesterday to see if I could do anything to get a sooner appointment for Lori's spay operation.  Going to the Humane Society made me worried.  Their local rating wasn't great.  And since she is unchipped yet (to be done with the spay visit), I actually worried that they might "lose her" in the crowd.

It is easy to imagine the worst sometimes.

So I called my Vet again to see if there was anyway I could beg for the Ladygardenectomy before a 2nd heat cycle.  I was willing to bribe if possible...  I kind of stayed up all night waiting for the Vet to open at 8 am (woordle helped).

This time, all was OK.  The person I talked to said Feb 21st was open for a spay operation.  She even asked who I talked to the 1st time (I didn't recall the name).  

But the important thing is that we have an appointment before she (and I) have to go through heat again.  And with my trusted Vets doing the operation.

I am such a lucky person.  If it doesn't involve dice or spinners, things go my way...  I can't win a lottery or a bet, but the important stuff works out well.  I'll take that any day.

So Lori gets her operation in 10 days (before her next expected heat).  By a trusted Vet.  And chipped...  I can relax now...  Everything is scheduled and settled.  Marley and Ayla will go in for rabies and Feline Leukemia Vaccinations early March.

All is well in our world again...