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Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Dr Seuss Day

TheMews Pond a la Dr Suess:

We have a small pond, all surrounded with fronds.  There are fish in the pond and we sometimes stick paws in.

It is shallow and just a few goldfish live there.  But we got a surprise when the fish grabbed back this year.

Laz was the catcher and WE were amazed when he pulled back and then was pulled down into the maze...

Of the lillypads, flagstaffs, and duckweeds galore.  We really thought that we would see not him no more.

But the next morn he showed up right at the door, with a tale that would shake us as he laid on the floor.

"I got pulled" he assured us 'below the pond floor'.  There isn't a bottom there" as he groomed his wet fur.  

"I travelled down places I cannot describe, where the fishies are bigger and some twice my size!  Below the pond bottom, there is a new place,  Full of Snargles and Golmas and Things with Wide Eyes.

But beyond that were things that went strangily weerder.  I did see some things I had ne'er seen afore. 

As I went deeper down unner the land under pond, I saw many fishies adance like a band.  Their fins were together, and to my surprise, they asked me to join them, I tell you no lies.

When I danced with those fishies all hued green and red, they told me I passed some test and could go on ahead.  As I passed, I saw winks, and I did have to think, just how there were fish that could smile  and could wink!

Beyond that I swam, breathing wasn't a problem, til I found I had truly and really hit bottom.  

Down there I saw things I never imaged.  There were octomousies, shrew-corals, and birdie-curfugeans!  

They swam all around, and I feared for my life, but they said your in OUR realm, so lessen your strife.  For the message we give you is not harm but some learning.  And they sent me back up with a true sense of yearning."

So here I am back with you, this Mews returning, a sense of relief though all others do turning.  Nevermore shall I seek little fish in that pond.    For though the small pond may seem shallow, and  round,  there are places I don't want to travel again in TheMews Pond.  Or close places that may still be around.  

I'll stick to the mousies who in grasses abound and never disturb the fishies in TheMews Pond!"

Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!  We did try our best... But you still are the bestest of best...