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Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Platelets And Lori

LORI:  First ME...  Guess who is in heat AGAIN!  

TBT:  Megan asked about platelet clumping.  I found this... 

"Platelet clumping occurs when the blood platelets responsible for coagulation stick to one another to form clusters. The presence of platelet clumping has no clinical consequences other than preventing instruments from properly counting blood platelets."

Apparently platelet-counting equipment ignores clumps because they are too large.  Manual counting is required.  Which my Vet says she did BTW.  She may never has seen clumps before, though.  It is pretty unusual.

I found a site that mentioned 1 per 2000 individuals.  I think that was for humans, but may be about the same for other animals.