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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Lori Update

 TBT:  Lori seems to be doing fine.  We broke all the rules the Vet gave us, though.  Lori shoved the inflatable collar off several times, so I gave up on that.  But I kept her in The Mews Room overnight.  I visited her every hour that night (yawn).  By morning, she was hurling herself at the door so violently, I let her out.  That seemed to be "rough activity".

Did she come running into my arms?  Of course not.  She went searching for Laz!   They ran around together.  Laz had been distressed when Lori was at the Vet and enclosed in The Mews Room.  They napped to gather later.  Then Lori ran around again for a while.  And up and down the stairs.

I cut down on her food some as the Vet recommended.  She wasn't thrilled, but her appetite was less.  I checked her hourly for any signs of suture damage or leakage, sensitivity around the incision, and bloating.  None!

She curled up on my lap later and slept with me parts of the past 2 nights, purring.  As far as I can tell, she is healing great and doesn't seem to even be bothered by the operation.

I don't have the Photos app restored on the computer, so sadly no pictures.  The computer issues have been updated on the Cavebear's Lair blog, so you can check there if you want to.