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Thursday, April 07, 2022

Thankful Thursday

Our Nip plants are growing again.  TBT brought in a leaf for each of us.  We don't quite know how it is, but TBT has to squeeze them before they happify us.  He did.  And it was Lori's first.  She stretched and rolled around on the kitchen floor then rubbed against all of us.  Well, we others did some of that too.  

Then she ran around and house and pounced Laz, but that its kinna normal. 

Lori went to the Vet about her spay sutures.  TBT knew they were almost all gone, but it was a free visit  and goes into their records as having been checked.  She's been running around since the day after the operation, so we weren't worried.

TBT scored serious good foods fer us at Walmart.  Few days ago, it was some good stuff.  FF Liver and Chicken, Turkey and Giblets, Cod and Shrimp, Friskies Ocean Whitefish with Tuna, Mariners Catch.  And he found Wellness Chicken Morsels, Minced Tuna, and Turkey Dinner

But he really hit the jackpot yesserday!  Walmart had Chicken Feast in Creamy Sauce and Tuna in Creamy Sauce.  We go gaga over THAT stuff.  But it is hard to find and expensive.  But guess what?  They were selling it at the same price as the regular FF!  He bought every can they had!

Marley eats about anything.  Lori eats about anything.  Ayla eats almost anything, but more dutifully sometimes than with excitement.  Laz is fussy!  He loves kibbles.  So most times, TBT has ta add some on his wet food.  At least, after he starts eating, he keeps eating.

But he ADORES the FF Chicken or Tuna in Creamy Sauce!  He licks the bowl clean...  And TBT got 48 cans of the 2!  We other Mews, love it too, of course, but Laz is Fanatic about it.

And we should mention something else about foods.  Treats...  We were sent some freeze-dried chicken from our Secret Paw.  It ran out last week.  TBT found more!  And Jerky treats.  We all like them (except Marley).    Laz goes crazy for both!

Well, Lori loves Laz and Laz loves Lori.  But if she tries to get her nose into his dried chicken, he pushes her away.  And they struggle over the jerky treats.  Not that they don't both get there their own, but SOMEONE always eats their's first and pushes to get more.  TBT always keeps a couple small pieces set aside for peacefullness.