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Saturday, April 16, 2022

Caturday Saturday

Answers to questions/comments...

Pilch92:  "Lori loves her dad. XO",  Yes she does!  She had a good caring life before me, but she loves her new life.

Summer:  "She's really OUT when she sleeps, isn't she?"  Yes, she sleeps like a log.  I assume that means she feels complete and utter security on my lap (and napping with Laz).

Megan:  "TBT really wanted a Lap Kitten and it looks like he got himself one!"  True.  But not just that.  It had to be a Tonkinese to honor and follow in Iza's pawsteps who "left too soon".  And Lori follows me all around the house as Iza did.  She is not a clone though.  Lori has aqua eyes to Iza's blue.  And Lori is a climber where Iza was not.  Lori jumps on shoulders from anywhere or just climbs right up my clothes.  

Iza slept unner the covers draped comfortably over my hip.  Lori wants to stay unner the covers barely but with her nose into my nose.   I struggle to breathe.  She is slowly learning her nose and mine should not be so close.  :Gradually" she is learning the knees, back, and hips give her more time with me at night. The 

Island Cats:  "I was looking for Laz. I thought he and Lori were inseparable. :)".  They are, generally but it isn't 24/7.  Laz goes outside and I won't let Lori do that yet.  So when Laz is out, I'm her backup.  And sometimes Lori and Marley groom each other.  Ayla was unhappy with Lori at first (and still sometimes hisses), but I notice lately that Lori goes unner the bed near Ayla and all is calm.

Speaking of Lori going "out", I'm thinking mid-May On a harness, On a leash, and tightly held.  5 minutes, 10, 30.  I've held her out on the deck several times and while "amazed" she didn't panic.  

Zoolatry:  "Oh dear: Papa may be needing some shoulder-patches on those shirts & jackets ... they're undergoing a fair amount of claw picking!"  Yeah, and that's almost not the least.  Lori is a "chewer".  She gnaws on magazines, labels, and tissues.  And she bit holes in the aquarium air-pump-tubing several times.  I had to wrap the above-water tubing with friction tape.

The good thing is that she likes to gnaw off blanket and sweater pillings.  The bad news is that they have to be outputted "one direction or the other".