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Monday, April 18, 2022

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  I love being outside.  Warm sun, innerestin smells, birdie tweets, and MOUSIES!  

Most mornings, I like to go outside before I even eat.  Well, actally, it is about 50/50.  Depends on what is in the bowl.  Im a bit fussy.  Marley, Ayla, an Lori will eat just about anything, but I can ignore food even when I haven't eaten all night.  Then, TBT sets my bowl up high and covered and I eat when I come in.  

If I catch a mousie (and I often do) I'll wait longer.  Though if TBT sprinkles on some kibbles, I get started eating and just keep going.  I LOVE kibbles.  I would eat them all the time if I could!  But he thinks wet food is impawtant.  As if eating only kibbles would make my tummy explode...

Actally, between you all and me, I have a good thing going.  The others eat what he sets down, but I have him enticing me with things like jerky treats an freeze-dried chickie.  It gets tricky though.  We cats have such good hearing (and recognize "certain sounds" so well), he has to take my "enticements" and a bowl outside and carefully load it.  And then bring it in carefully and set it down quietly.

Even then, Lori and Marley sometimes know and come running in.  Not that I mind if they get some, so long as I get my full portion.  But if he just puts down a bowl for me and leaves the kitchen, Lori will out some and Marley will just push his nose in.  Ayla stays in the bedroom (but she gets treats of her own there).

You cant argue with Marley.  He weighs between 16-18 pounds.  I weigh about 9 pounds (less then when I came here.  Ayla stays at 6.6 pounds (she allus just eats what she needs).  Lori is up to 5.8 pounds and is still growing.