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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Womancat Wensday

LORI:   I caught a ham.  I think.  Marley has been teaching me to walk below the kitchen counters and sniff carefully.  He cant jump that high, so he is telling me how ta find open cans and good foods.  I can jump WAY high.  And I found a han.  Kinna thin though.  I thought they were bigger than that.

Marley say som are thicker than others.  Well, he KNOWS stuff, and I pay attentiom.

I left a part of the ham for him (of course) but he said since it was my first, I could have it all.  Marley is really cool.  And he even kept Laz away.  (We shared later while Marley was napping)

Oh wow, yummy...

Then, I got seen.  TBT didnt complain (too much).  I mean, he left it there and Im a growing womancat (now).

But he says I better not do the TOO often...

Thank you, Marley!