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Friday, April 22, 2022

Flashback Friday

 Today we go back way far.  This month 2008!

Skeeter was feeling good.  Ayla enjoyed his company.  

They enjoyed being around each other.  Ayla was young, but they got along.
LC was attached to Skeeter, but she was sometimes out on the deck on her own.  We mean, she did her own mousie hunting sometimes.  LC adored Skeeter but they weren't glued together. 
Or just hung around the old deck.
Ayla loved Skeeter and stayed near him often.  Skeeter was a friendly brofur like Marley is today.  He was loved by everykitty hhe ever met.
LC loved the deck.  

But of course left it to hunt mousies.  We have enough in the yard to last several cats forever.