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Monday, April 25, 2022

Mancat Monday

LAZ:   The yard has great places for hunting mousies!  There are brush piles everywhere and tall grass in others.  Mousies like that.  So do I.  I sit at the edges and listen and wait.

Sometimes, there is a slight sound.  Mousies dont make much noise when they move around, but even a mousie sometimes has to push though dried leafs looking for seeds and whatever else mousies eat.
Guessing where they are is tricky.  I usually figure that out, but what hides them makes it difficult to pounce them.  Stuff gets in the way of the pounce.  Marley doesnt hunt mousies much these days, but when he does he can power through the debris because he weighs more.
Well, I missed that one.  Some pounces werk an some dont...

Well, thats why we have food inside. I'm a good hunter for an indoor cat, but if I had to catch 6 mousies a day like outside cats, I'd starve.  Well, OK, I'd probly get better.  But ya know what I mean.   

I did better the next time outside.  I was back at the deck door with a mole in 5 minnits!  No pictures, though.  TBT wouldnt open the door, so I ran off with it for "private time".  MOL!