Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thankful Thursday

First, Laz wants ta esplain that rubbing against the cinder block (yesserdays post) is pleasing and comfy.  We all agree TBT has Magic Fingers, but sometimes we want to choose the spot ourselfs.

LORI:  2 good pieces of information.  One, I am really all healed from my LadyGarden Operation.   This is actally 2 week old now. I can hardly even find it now.

The other news is that I may get to go OUT soon.  Marley says he saw the harness on the table today.   OK, I saw it too of course, but I didn't know what it was.  Marley says I have to wear it a few times while learning the OUTSIDE.  Well, as Ive said he KNOWS stuff and I pay attenshun ta what he says.

I asked Laz about it, an HE said I could get out of it but better to allow it for more OUT time.  So, I'll try to keep it on.  

Im ecited.  TBT has carried me OUT a few times but with a serious grip on my front leg.  This harness thing seems ta mean I can put my paws down and maybe walk around some.   Laz is kinna ecited too.  He wants ta show me mousies.  

Marley is glad too, but says if I try to get near the fence, he will seriosly whap me.  He says the fence is the edge of the house an we Dont Leave The House.  He was pretty serious about that.

I just wanna sit on the deck and hear the sounds an smell the smells.   But Laz tells me I won't wanna stop there.  Well, HE knows some stuff too.  His first time OUT is HERE.  I am studying it so I know what ta do.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Mancat Monday

LAZ:   The yard has great places for hunting mousies!  There are brush piles everywhere and tall grass in others.  Mousies like that.  So do I.  I sit at the edges and listen and wait.

Sometimes, there is a slight sound.  Mousies dont make much noise when they move around, but even a mousie sometimes has to push though dried leafs looking for seeds and whatever else mousies eat.
Guessing where they are is tricky.  I usually figure that out, but what hides them makes it difficult to pounce them.  Stuff gets in the way of the pounce.  Marley doesnt hunt mousies much these days, but when he does he can power through the debris because he weighs more.
Well, I missed that one.  Some pounces werk an some dont...

Well, thats why we have food inside. I'm a good hunter for an indoor cat, but if I had to catch 6 mousies a day like outside cats, I'd starve.  Well, OK, I'd probly get better.  But ya know what I mean.   

I did better the next time outside.  I was back at the deck door with a mole in 5 minnits!  No pictures, though.  TBT wouldnt open the door, so I ran off with it for "private time".  MOL!

Friday, April 22, 2022

Flashback Friday

 Today we go back way far.  This month 2008!

Skeeter was feeling good.  Ayla enjoyed his company.  

They enjoyed being around each other.  Ayla was young, but they got along.
LC was attached to Skeeter, but she was sometimes out on the deck on her own.  We mean, she did her own mousie hunting sometimes.  LC adored Skeeter but they weren't glued together. 
Or just hung around the old deck.
Ayla loved Skeeter and stayed near him often.  Skeeter was a friendly brofur like Marley is today.  He was loved by everykitty hhe ever met.
LC loved the deck.  

But of course left it to hunt mousies.  We have enough in the yard to last several cats forever.

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Womancat Wensday

LORI:   I caught a ham.  I think.  Marley has been teaching me to walk below the kitchen counters and sniff carefully.  He cant jump that high, so he is telling me how ta find open cans and good foods.  I can jump WAY high.  And I found a han.  Kinna thin though.  I thought they were bigger than that.

Marley say som are thicker than others.  Well, he KNOWS stuff, and I pay attentiom.

I left a part of the ham for him (of course) but he said since it was my first, I could have it all.  Marley is really cool.  And he even kept Laz away.  (We shared later while Marley was napping)

Oh wow, yummy...

Then, I got seen.  TBT didnt complain (too much).  I mean, he left it there and Im a growing womancat (now).

But he says I better not do the TOO often...

Thank you, Marley!

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Tuesday's Womancat

AYLA:  My new regular refuge...  is the bedroom chair where I can see TBT more often.


Laz doesn't bother me as much as he used to.  I think it is those calming darts TBT shoots him with.  (J/K).

But seriously, he has calmed down a lot.  I hate to give anny credit to another cat, but Lori has had a good effect on him.  Oh, I still hiss at them both sometimes, but I spose it could be a lot worse.  

But last year at this time, I wouldnt have been sitting here all peaceful-like.  I even come into the other rooms sometimes now again.  I sat on Dad's lap recently while he watched the TV.  He was thrilled (I know where the food comes from).  I EVEN went out on the deck yesserday!  The sun was nice and it was WARM.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Mancat Monday

LAZ:  I love being outside.  Warm sun, innerestin smells, birdie tweets, and MOUSIES!  

Most mornings, I like to go outside before I even eat.  Well, actally, it is about 50/50.  Depends on what is in the bowl.  Im a bit fussy.  Marley, Ayla, an Lori will eat just about anything, but I can ignore food even when I haven't eaten all night.  Then, TBT sets my bowl up high and covered and I eat when I come in.  

If I catch a mousie (and I often do) I'll wait longer.  Though if TBT sprinkles on some kibbles, I get started eating and just keep going.  I LOVE kibbles.  I would eat them all the time if I could!  But he thinks wet food is impawtant.  As if eating only kibbles would make my tummy explode...

Actally, between you all and me, I have a good thing going.  The others eat what he sets down, but I have him enticing me with things like jerky treats an freeze-dried chickie.  It gets tricky though.  We cats have such good hearing (and recognize "certain sounds" so well), he has to take my "enticements" and a bowl outside and carefully load it.  And then bring it in carefully and set it down quietly.

Even then, Lori and Marley sometimes know and come running in.  Not that I mind if they get some, so long as I get my full portion.  But if he just puts down a bowl for me and leaves the kitchen, Lori will out some and Marley will just push his nose in.  Ayla stays in the bedroom (but she gets treats of her own there).

You cant argue with Marley.  He weighs between 16-18 pounds.  I weigh about 9 pounds (less then when I came here.  Ayla stays at 6.6 pounds (she allus just eats what she needs).  Lori is up to 5.8 pounds and is still growing.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easy Like Sunday

Laundry Day is a good Easy Day!  We love the warm clothes to nap on.

 Ayla prefers the bathromm windersill and "unner the bed".  

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Caturday Saturday

Answers to questions/comments...

Pilch92:  "Lori loves her dad. XO",  Yes she does!  She had a good caring life before me, but she loves her new life.

Summer:  "She's really OUT when she sleeps, isn't she?"  Yes, she sleeps like a log.  I assume that means she feels complete and utter security on my lap (and napping with Laz).

Megan:  "TBT really wanted a Lap Kitten and it looks like he got himself one!"  True.  But not just that.  It had to be a Tonkinese to honor and follow in Iza's pawsteps who "left too soon".  And Lori follows me all around the house as Iza did.  She is not a clone though.  Lori has aqua eyes to Iza's blue.  And Lori is a climber where Iza was not.  Lori jumps on shoulders from anywhere or just climbs right up my clothes.  

Iza slept unner the covers draped comfortably over my hip.  Lori wants to stay unner the covers barely but with her nose into my nose.   I struggle to breathe.  She is slowly learning her nose and mine should not be so close.  :Gradually" she is learning the knees, back, and hips give her more time with me at night. The 

Island Cats:  "I was looking for Laz. I thought he and Lori were inseparable. :)".  They are, generally but it isn't 24/7.  Laz goes outside and I won't let Lori do that yet.  So when Laz is out, I'm her backup.  And sometimes Lori and Marley groom each other.  Ayla was unhappy with Lori at first (and still sometimes hisses), but I notice lately that Lori goes unner the bed near Ayla and all is calm.

Speaking of Lori going "out", I'm thinking mid-May On a harness, On a leash, and tightly held.  5 minutes, 10, 30.  I've held her out on the deck several times and while "amazed" she didn't panic.  

Zoolatry:  "Oh dear: Papa may be needing some shoulder-patches on those shirts & jackets ... they're undergoing a fair amount of claw picking!"  Yeah, and that's almost not the least.  Lori is a "chewer".  She gnaws on magazines, labels, and tissues.  And she bit holes in the aquarium air-pump-tubing several times.  I had to wrap the above-water tubing with friction tape.

The good thing is that she likes to gnaw off blanket and sweater pillings.  The bad news is that they have to be outputted "one direction or the other".  

Friday, April 15, 2022

Flashback Friday

This week in 2011, Ayla and Marley were playful.  Ayla was almost 4 and Marley was about 1.  The wrasslin style is pretty standard; a friendly invitational lick, pounces, paw-reaches, and bunny-kicks...

They stopped when Marley got too big and strong.  But it continued with the newer ones.  Iza and Marley wrassled,  Laz and Marley wrassled.  Laz and Lori wrassle currently.

Friday, April 08, 2022

Flashback Friday

We think we overlooked these.  If we used them before, enjoy them again...

Lori climbs the closet...